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Everything you need to know about Cannabis Growers (But didn’t know what to ask)

5 months ago

The legal cannabis supply chain is complicated and nearly opaque to consumers. The supply chain officially consists of two tiers, cannabis growers and retail. Sometimes the growers are also the retailers, but usually they are separate entities due to state regulations. There’s also a regulatory structure that could be considered the third tier. While you […]

Science & Medicine

Cannabis Chemistry: The Most Complex Plant in the World?

1 year ago

Plants are chemical factories. That’s their job; to make the chemicals they need to survive and reproduce. Sometimes the chemicals can have effects on humans as well. Our favorite plant is just one example of a plant that makes compounds that benefit it and us. Some cannabis chemistry is for the plant. Some of the […]

Culture & Art Opinion

Stop Calling it Intoxication

1 year ago

in·​tox·​i·​cate | \ in-ˈtäk-sə-ˌkāt transitive verb 1.  : to excite or stupefy by alcohol or a drug especially to the point where physical and mental control is markedly diminished b : to excite or elate to the point of enthusiasm or frenzy 2 : poison intoxicated; intoxicating Similar: inebriate What is Intoxication? The above definition […]

Culture & Art

10 Cannabis Myths You Should Know

1 year ago

You don’t need me to tell you this. But…as popular as cannabis is, there are too many things about it that are just false and/or are old wives tales that shouldn’t be carried forward. Here are the top 10 cannabis myths (in my mind anyway): The more THC the better the weed. There are two […]

Law & Politics

The Real Legalization Problem is — Regulation

2 years ago

Illinois officials have stated they were very happy with 2021 tax revenues of $297 million from legal cannabis sales. Most other states claim they are losing tax revenue to black market (illegal) sales. The black market is holding back the maturation of legal adult consumption. Why does the illegal cannabis market not just survive, but […]

Strain Reviews

How to Review Cannabis Strains Like a Canniseur

2 years ago

Part of Canniseur’s mission is to change the way cannabis is reviewed. Educated consumers should enjoy cannabis as much as they might enjoy fine wine, artisan spirits, or craft beer. Here’s how to review cannabis strains. The 4-20s Review System Canniseur uses a model that’s been in use in the wine world for more than […]

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