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A Response to Governor Wolf’s Call for the Legalization of Recreational Cannabis

As a cannabis consumer, I want to see politics get real around cannabis. That’s not going to happen. Why? Because it’s politics, that’s why. In this time in history, our country’s political bodies and politicians themselves feel the need to posture about everything. Lies, innuendo, whatever it takes to make politicians believe they’re doing the […]


Why Employee Training is Your Key to Financial Success

[Canniseur: Training is key in every industry. Why should cannabis be any different? I worked the corporate training industry for about 20 years and saw first-hand how companies got back 10-20 times their investment, including employee time. If you own a cannabis business and aren’t training your employees, you’re missing out on increased traffic in […]


How to Grow a New Cannabis Business Amid a Pandemic

[Canniseur: Not to sound cavalier, but the COVID-19 crisis has shaken things up, creating voids. Where there is a business void, there is opportunity. In addition, we need regulators to revisit cannabis regulations and put rules into effect that better support small businesses. Read these business tips on how you can adapt to this fast […]


The Hottest Edibles Brands in the United States Right Now

[Canniseur: I’m not into edibles very much, except on long international flights. These days, I’m not on those long ocean jumping flights. COVID-19 has changed my travel completely, so I haven’t consumed much in the way of edibles lately. Back then, a 10mg Indica gummy was just the thing to knock me out for 8 […]


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