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Study Shows Cannabis Consumers Prefer Flower to Concentrates

Apparently, to some cannabis industry wags, this is surprising data. Why? Because concentrates are easy to use and concentrates here means carts although the article doesn’t say what it means by concentrates. Good hash is a concentrate. Good rosin or sugar is a concentrate. Harder to control than flower, but I get it. Flower, if […]


Cannabis Use Among Seniors Rises in Popularity

Of course cannabis use is up among seniors. It helps mitigate all the aches and pains of getting older and there are aches and pains. Whether it’s arthritis, digestive issues, or many other common ailments that age brings to humans, cannabis can help alleviate those old age symptoms. So toke away seniors Toke away! Read […]


New Medical Cannabis Bill Pending in North Carolina

[Canniseur: One of the deep south states is finally wising up. Well, Alabama seems to have led the way, but if this passes… North Carolina has a Democratic governor and a HUGE Republican majority legislature from gerrymandering. But there’s hope. 80% of the population wants medical cannabis at least. If it passes, it will be […]


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