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Michigan Issues Emergency Recreational Marijuana Rules 

[Canniseur: I’ll never understand the separation of food sales, alcohol, and weed. Next month, we’ll hear about Michigan’s social equity plan to help communities that have been disproportionately affected by cannabis prohibition.] Recreational marijuana smoking lounges, festivals and home delivery will soon be allowed in Michigan, under a set of emergency rules state officials released […]


Michigan Attorney General Pushes for Progress on Marijuana Banking

Dana Nessel MI AG

[Canniseur: MI AG Dana Nessel is backing her campaign promises with real action. The working group she’s put together offers a wide perspective as Michigan’s legal cannabis industry moves forward. She’s on the people’s side!] Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is taking measures to move the marijuana industry in the state forward by trying to […]


Michigan Officials End Caregiver Marijuana Supply to Medical Pot Shops

[Canniseur: Caregiver grown products sold through licensed growers and processors ensures the real quality of product. It’s a growing (pun intended) problem that corporate farms are not producing the products people want, but instead more profitable products.] The stock of medical marijuana products at licensed Michigan businesses will soon change, as a result of new […]


Michigan Judge Slams State for ‘Freakish’ Regulation of Medical Marijuana Businesses

michigan dispensaries

[Canniseur: Great news for all Michigan patients, growers, and dispensaries. The madness has finally stopped. The only ones unhappy with the Judge’s decision are the big businesses trying to capture small grower’s market share.] A year-long saga of changing compliance deadlines for 50 medical marijuana shops allowed to operate unlicensed is over. Court of Claims […]


Michigan’s First Licensed Medical Marijuana Facilities in Limbo

Roots Dispensaries

Last week the first businesses in Michigan gained approval for licenses from the state’s Medical Marihuana Licensing Board — but that doesn’t mean they can use that new license yet to distribute medicine to patients. A total of seven licenses were approved last week — with four of the licenses going to one grower in […]


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