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Video: Inside a High-End Cannabis Dispensary

If you’re in a state that doesn’t have legal cannabis, I feel for you. It’ll come eventually. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this store. Cannabis shops are just like any other retail operation. There are low end, middle of the road and high- end stores. High-end is not a new concept in retailing, […]


Video: Famous Historical Figures Who Used Marijuana

[Canniseur: Once we get past the stigma of consuming cannabis, we’ll be able to look more dispassionately at who consumed cannabis before us…and why!  


Video: U.S. Scientists Say Cannabis Could Fight COVID-19

[Canniseur: CBS News says it could be true. Israeli scientists are studying it. There may truly be some benefit to COVID-19 treatment with cannabis. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? “Feeling bad? Do you have COVID-19? Smoke some cannabis!!!!” It’s a possibility.]


Video: The Godmother of Ganja

[Canniseur: Lynette Shaw is a very important person in the normalization of cannabis. She’s done so many things to help the acceptance of cannabis in our society. Take a few minutes to meet her in this video. Great music too!]


Recreational Cannabis Sales by Month in 2020 vs 2019

[Canniseur: Something is wrong with the numbers here. It’s subtle, but there are some issues between states. As an example, The population of Colorado is around 5.75 million people. The population of Oregon is 4.2 million people. That’s about a 25% difference. When you look at sales between the two states, the difference is less […]


Video: How Illinois Is Using Cannabis Revenue to Help Communities

[Canniseur: Illinois is looking for your proposals! $31 million dollars is available for community development programs. Proposal deadline is July 20, 2020. Illinois is doing the right thing…again!]


Video: Scientists Believe Cannabis Could Fight Coronavirus

[Canniseur: OK, it’s the New York Post. It is possible that this is true. Possible. Hopefully, they’ll get some real evidence that can be peer-reviewed and make real science. Now if it was regular high THC weed that did the trick and we all had be high to create an effective immunity, that would be […]


Video: Cannabis and the Gut

[Canniseur: Watch this animated video to learn or remember basics about cannabis health benefits. This video takes a balanced view of the potential benefits and harm for using cannabis for your intestinal issues and other health problems. Essentially, we need more research. Lots more research. There is some old and lots of new information in […]


Video: Farmer Feeds Cannabis Leaves to His Pigs

[Canniseur: Check out this video highlighting sustainable farming in Oregon. The pigs, raised on cannabis leaves, are raised naturally and they’re living full, happy lives. The restaurant preparing the extraordinary pork dish advances local traditions. They guys from Eater do it again. As soon as we can travel, we all need to go to Portland, […]


Video: Getting Stoned with Seniors

[Canniseur: It’s heartening to hear about open-minded seniors exploring cannabis to not just relieve aches and pains, but also to catch a buzz. If I ever have to live in senior living, I hope its at a place where the others are as open minded as these folks seem! We just don’t think about older […]


Marijuana Price Per Pound in 2019 and 2020 (Wholesale)

[Canniseur: It would appear that even in this time of COVID-19 that cannabis prices are more or less stable!!! This is good. No, it’s fantastic. With dispensaries deemed ‘essential’ in every state where medical marijuana is legal, what could be better?]


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