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Women Who Use Marijuana More Often Have Better Sex, Study Says

[Canniseur: Almost seems like a; “Duh, really?” kind of story. But it’s not and real scientific evidence has been lacking. Now there’s starting to ba a small body of knowledge about women, cannabis and sexual satisfaction. We need more real evidence about everything cannabis.] Among women who enjoy marijuana, there’s no shortage of anecdotal evidence […]


Do Highly Potent Marijuana Concentrates Get Users More High? Not Exactly, Study Finds

[Canniseur: This is kind of counter-intuitive. I would think that if I ingested more THC through my lungs, I would get a bigger buzz. Apparently, from this study, this is not the case. So if higher THC levels in my blood don’t mean I’m higher, then what do they mean? This is a good neurobehavioral […]


Oregon Marijuana Sales Spike During Pandemic, But Officials Expect Market To ‘Mellow’

[Canniseur: In all States with legal cannabis, dispensaries have been a shining light during this COVID-19 lockdown. Although economies all over the U.S. are hammered, cannabis is selling more than ever. Oregon is only one State, but I’ve read stories about all the legal states. Will cannabis save the day for the U.S. economy? Interesting […]


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