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Cannabis Extracts May Extend the Life of Bees Exposed to Pesticides, Research Shows

WOW! Another potentially great use for cannabis. We’ve lost almost 100 years of research because of the racist prohibition of cannabis. Now our societies around the globe are beginning to find through research that there is a wonderful, fairly easy to grow plant that can benefit all of us in innumerable ways. Why am I […]


Arizona Will Officially Vote on Adult-Use Weed Legalization in November Election

[Cannisur: I wish the author had done better research. The “Land of Enchantment” is NOT Arizona. It’s Arizona’s neighbor, New Mexico! Whether or not the author got it right, Arizona voting is a big deal. Vote.] On November 3, Arizona voters will have a chance to bring taxed and regulated cannabis sales to the Land […]


Dr. Oz Says the Feds Told Him They’re Onboard for Federal Weed Legalization

Dr Oz

[Canniseur: The first step to resolution is always to first acknowledge the problem. If this is true, thank you to Dr. Oz for illuminating this situation. Maybe this will get the two agencies speaking to each other. Something has to give. We need the Federal Government to get on board for much needed medical cannabis […]


Cannabis Consumers Exercise More and Are Healthier Than Non-Users, Study Says

[Canniseur: Great study, mostly because I exercise and agree with it!!! Do I exercise more when I smoke? Probably not. But I do exercise and I do watch my diet, so my “n” of 1 says this study is absolutely accurate!] For decades, mainstream media has painted cannabis users as lazy, couch-locked slobs. But, scientists […]


7-Eleven Is Waging War on Medical Cannabis Businesses in Oklahoma

[Canniseur: Japanese-owned (Texas-based) 7-11 has canceled leases for all Cannabis dispensaries in Oklahoma, with very little notice. The corporation is anti-cannabis and harshly pulled the plug for these small businesses. It’s the abrupt canceling of leases and lying about it that’s rankling. If it’s not time to boycott 7-11, it’s certainly time to raise awareness […]


Medical Pot Users Are Healthier and Happier Than Those Who Don’t Puff, Study Says

Image via [Canniseur: This seems like a legitimate study, but as the article says…we already knew! This is an important study for several reasons. There’s another study recently published by the American Cancer Society that all alcohol is bad for you. It doesn’t mention cannabis as being bad for you. It’s interesting that I follow […]


Legalizing Cannabis Could Bring New Zealand $500 Million In Annual Tax Revenue

Image via [Canniseur: If New Zealand legalizes, this will be a big deal. A very big deal indeed. And this will be decided by the people. The Parliament in En Zed (that’s what Kiwi’s call New Zealand) has promised to enact legal adult use if the population approves the referendum in September!] This September, New […]


Illinois Dedicates $31 Million in Pot Taxes to Help People Harmed by Prohibition

[Canniseur: This is what I call social action and it’s by a governmental body. It’s about time we as a country started doing something to solve this horrible problem of social inequity. Bravo! Illinois.] Illinois just announced that over $30 million in legal pot tax revenue will be used to fund restorative justice grants, continuing […]


Oklahoma Sold $61 Million Worth of Medical Pot Last Month Despite Quarantine

[Canniseur: If my one experience with Oklahoma weed is any indicator (and I truly hope it’s not), Okies aren’t very particular about the quality of the product they’re consuming. That’s pretty amazing, given that what I bought was pretty abysmal. Maybe they don’t know what they want. Or the black market has never been good. […]


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