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Where to Start Being Anti-racist? Educate Yourself with Black Voices.

BLM resources

[Canniseur: As an ally, it’s important to remember to first listen, and then learn. This list is being offered as a starting place for learning. I plan on ordering at least one book asap, as well as regularly listening to these podcasts. Let’s all do our part to end this horrific cycle NOW.] “In order […]


What Is “Strawberry Cough” Weed and Does the Strain Actually Taste Like Fruit?

[Canniseur: I’m very famiiliar with Strawberry Cough. And I love it. I’ve consumed it in two different states from (obviously) two different growers. It can be an amazing strain that while it doesn’t have the openness that I am always searching for, it does a great job in the effect. Does it taste like strawberries? […]


New York Wine And Spirits Retailers Lobby To Sell Legal Marijuana

[Editor’s Note: Cannabis needs to be regulated, just like alcohol. Would selling it in New York’s Wine and Spirits shops eliminate cannabis shops?] Empire State spirits and wine retailers look to add value if legislation is passed. The Last Store on Main Street Coalition, a trade association encompassing thousands of wine and spirits retailers in New […]


Water Protectors Prepare For Battle: The Next Big Resistance In South Dakota

  It’s raining buckets outside. The back and forth of the windshield wipers and Siri’s monotone guidance accompanies me through the roads riddled with potholes and semi-trucks. I pass several gated factories to an empty corner of the property, where the Puyallup Tribe and their allies had been protesting the Puget Sound Energy Liquid Natural […]


The Original Goddess Dressing: Ancient Origins of the Salad Staple

There are many inventions we modern day Earthlings don’t give their due credit, and many of those things come from Mesopotamia—the Cradle of Civilization. Well, salad dressing happens to be one of those items. Sit right back and let’s take your ancient alien ass to around 3500 BCE. Some have said that the first salad […]


The New Shatterizer Silver and Black Concentrate Vape Pen

Shatterizer is a company that doesn’t think of their customers as simply customers. If their latest high-quality concentrate pen is anything to go by, it’s clear they hold them in much higher regard. Shatterizer knows their customers draw from all walks of life and each one requires different things from their vaping equipment. The new […]


4 Reasons Hackers are Targeting the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry holds a treasure trove of customers’ private information and business intelligence. This makes your business a prime target for cyber-attacks and/or surveillance, as both hackers and other entities are clamoring to acquire this treasure. Turn on the news, pick up a newspaper or read your social media feed—and you are certain to […]


Lawmaker Cites Satirical Article To Argue Against Legalizing Cannabis

There’s been a lot of discussion about medical marijuana in the Louisiana legislature this year, and not everyone involved is as informed as they should be. Thursday, the reports rolled in: a lawmaker cites satirical article to argue against legalizing cannabis for people with post-traumatic stress disorder, intractable pain, severe muscle spasms and glaucoma. Medical […]


Alzheimer’s Patients in Puerto Rico May Get Cannabis-Based Treatment

Alzheimer’s patients in Puerto Rico may get cannabis-based treatment that would make them the first in the United States with access to a new cannabinoid medicine. The development could be a big step for Puerto Rican Alzheimer’s patients in particular and for medical marijuana more generally. Hyalolex In Puerto Rico According to a recent press release, […]


I Got High With Ricki Lake and We Discussed Her New Documentary, ‘Weed the People’

If you would’ve told the 1997 version of me that one day I’d be getting high with Ricki Lake, he would’ve thrown a pepperoni pizza Lunchable at your face for the lies. But there I was, on the back porch of a beautiful Austin, TX home with a bunch of journalists, collaborators, and cannabis industry […]


The Quest AeroInhaler: A Remarkable New Way To Elevate

Test Results: 10mg THC per puff | 100 puffs per canister | Tested By: Agricor Laboratories The Quest AeroInhaler Winner of the most innovative new product at the 2017 Cannabis Business Awards, the Quest AeroInhaler is a fresh, exceptionally convenient new way to get high. Each inhaler contains 1000mg THC as top-grade distillate and administers […]


New Federal Spending Bill Includes Medical Marijuana Protections

In a move that should ease anxiety among those in the cannabis industry, the new federal spending bill includes medical marijuana protections. The move taken Wednesday extends a policy of the federal government that has been in effect since 2014 until September of this year. Under it, U.S. law enforcement


Australian Man Faces Jail For Growing Cannabis For His Sick Daughters

News that an Australian man faces jail for growing cannabis for his sick daughters is renewing the push to expand access to medical marijuana. Stephen Taylor, of New South Whales, had initially sought the assistance of doctors qualified to prescribe medical cannabis. But after he was unable to find one,


Is A Rise In Pedestrian Deaths Really Due To Legal Cannabis?

The post Is A Rise In Pedestrian Deaths Really Due To Legal Cannabis? appeared first on High Times. Is a rise in pedestrian deaths really due to legal cannabis? A traffic story published earlier this week says that just might be the case. The study, published by the Governors’ Highway Safety Association, compiled records on […]


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