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9 Best Marijuana Strains of the 2020 Harvest

[Canniseur: I can’t say any more about the year or the strains than the author. So I’m going to leave it at that. Here are 9 terrific strains, whether for 2020 or 2016, it doesn’t matter. What does matter that this has been a turducken year, but not as good as a turducken (are they […]


Top 9 Arguments in Support of Marijuana Legalization and Regulation

About 2/3 of the U.S. public supports legalization, They have begun to realize what was behind the original suppression of cannabis and then how the war on drugs was very blunt about the racist reasons that cannabis was made illegal. Why are some states still against it? The answer is pretty simple; Rule by the […]


Leafly Buzz: Smokin’ hot cannabis strains this month

Always good to see what’s new and what’s trending at the retail level where we get our cannabis unless we’re growing our own. My only problem is Leafly doesn’t seem to want to tell us where to get the product and in what state. Until products are available nationwide, ti’s will continue to be a […]


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