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Choosing the Perfect Cannabis Strain for Insomnia and Anxiety

When it comes to picking the perfect strain for your needs, it’s just like picking a fine wine. Anyone who knows a thing or two about wine knows how much goes into the varieties and properties of different grape strains. When choosing the best CBD capsules or other hemp products, knowing the strain can help […]


The Best Strains of CBD Flower

Not all CBD is created equal. Many types of plants have different varieties, each with their own distinct properties. Plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, and even roses come in several varieties. Cannabis hemp plants act in much the same way. Due to cross-breeding and genetic selection by farmers, hundreds of hemp varieties now exist. The […]


Broad Spectrum CBD for Athletes: The Cannabidiol Effect

In the last few years, broad spectrum CBD burst onto the athletic scene at an astounding rate. A decade ago, products such as CBD salve were rare. You could only buy them in states with legal medical marijuana. Today, hemp is right at everyone’s fingertips and just a few taps away online. As it became […]


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