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7 Michigan Communities Vote to Keep Marijuana Businesses Out

Michigan Cities vote to allow cannabis retail, or not

[Canniseur: It’s disappointing that communities are disallowing cannabis businesses from operating in their towns. But at the same time, the communities allowing cannabis business are being set up to leverage the situation. Ann Arbor, MI comes to the forefront of cities poised to take advantage of legalized cannabis sales.] It was not a good night […]


Recreational Weed Probably Won’t Be for Sale in Michigan until March, April

Consumption Lounge

[Canniseur: If a delayed launch means a steady flow of cannabis for both medical AND recreational use, I’m all for the extra time. A successful state-wide, legal cannabis rollout is worth the wait.] Nearly a year after Michigan voters approved legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use, the state is getting ready to hand out the […]


Michigan Bill to Ban Growing Marijuana at Home Fails

Michigan Marijuana law, what you need to know

[Editor’s Note: These potential recreational marijuana law changes got shot down in flames. The more rational Republicans saw this as it was; A power play to abuse the voters in Michigan who voted a law into effect.] LANSING – Marijuana enthusiasts will be able to grow pot at home after all as the state Senate failed […]


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