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Library Of Congress Highlights Racist News Coverage Used To Justify Criminalizing Marijuana A Century Ago

[Canniseur: The Library of Congress has published long-overdue documentation of the racist news coverage used 80 years ago to justify the criminalization of cannabis. The media was complicit and racist in its printing of stories leading to the eventual ban of marijuana. We know this racist-inspired decision was spearheaded by Harry Anslinger in the 1930s. […]


Bernie Sanders And Cory Booker Talk Racial Injustices Of Marijuana Criminalization At Virtual Town Hall

[Cannabis: Let’s face it and I think we have already. Cannabis was demonized and made illegal in the 1930s precisely to control the African American population. The prohibition was racist. It was NOT based on science. It was based on racist, uninformed, harmful and incomprehensible views about black people. It’s been time to end the […]


New Mexico Marijuana Legalization Effort Gets Boost From Ouster Of Anti-Reform Senators

[Canniseur: New Mexico has failed to pass legalization twice in the last 15 months or so. The legislators who were responsible for that failure are now gone. They’ve been ousted by voters in their party. Could this make the change and could the legislature now pass legalization? We’ll find out soon enough.] Several key New […]


New Mexico Governor Says Legalizing Marijuana Would’ve Funded Programs Cut Due To Coronavirus

[Canniseur: Could COVID-19 be the impetus to legalize cannabis? Not just in New Mexico, but in many other states that need revenue. COVID-19 has hurt economies in every one of the States. There is a great need to increase revenue without raising taxes. Cannabis could be an answer, at least partially.] The governor of New […]


Missouri Lawmakers Defeat Amendment To Require They Consume Marijuana Before Voting

[Canniseur: This is too good. And the amendment was put in the bill by a republican. A republican!!! The crazy thing about it is that it would probably work to get these legislators focused on the bills they’re considering! Way to go, Missouri!] Missouri lawmakers rejected an amendment to a health care bill on Thursday […]


Federal Court Orders DEA To ‘Promptly’ Consider Marijuana Rescheduling…Or Else

[Canniseur: While we’re not surprised the court ordered the DEA to look at rescheduling…we believe cannabis should be completely removed from any Federal drug schedule. It should be treated the same as alcohol. Governments can take a long time to act, unless prodded by an outside force. We hope this is the outside force.] A […]


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