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Want to Support Cannabis Businesses Focused on Social Justice? This List is For You.

Canniseur: Social justice is important. Our current attorney general who does not believe there is systemic racism in the U.S. and freely admits that people of color are treated differently than white people. That’s blatant racism, pure and simple. We need to stop being racists. If you must hate people, hate because they’re nasty and […]


Canada: Illicit Pot Still Dominates After Two Legal Years

[Canniseur: Of course illicit cannabis still dominates. Ham-fisted regulators, no matter what country, just don’t understand their competition. The competition is the illegal market. Do these regulators think they can just wave a magic wand over legal pot and watch the black market disappear? Apparently so.] It’s been nearly two years since Canada became the […]


Difference Between A Marijuana Dispensary And A Liquor Store

[Canniseur: If you love wine as I do, there really isn’t a whole lot of difference between a wine shop and a dispensary. A wine shop is not a liquor store, although it sells alcoholic beverages. A dispensary should be called a cannabis shop and not a dispensary. A liquor store, that sells mostly spirits […]


Cannabis Sales Continue to Soar Through The Pandemic

[Canniseur: It’s not surprising that cannabis sales are up during the time of COVID. And now, in several states, the economy would be helped by the addition of the revenue from legal cannabis. Oklahoma (in spite of the quality issues) seems to be going full-bore into cannabis sales. Now the state needs to get adult-use […]


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