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Michigan Lawmakers Approve Legislation to Automatically Expunge Cannabis-Related Convictions

Here’s yet another article where a very Republican legislature in Michigan along with a Democratic governor have put their heads together with the Democratic minority in the legislature and crafted a bill that expunges marijuana only convictions in the state. This is happening in many other states as well. It’s about time that non-violent convictions […]


FDA Warns 15 Companies for Illegally Selling CBD Products

This story first appeared in Cannabis Business Times [Canniseur: Here’s a warning we should take seriously. There are too many producers of CBD products in the U.S. They’re mostly good and reputable companies. But there are always a few bad actors in any business, especially a newly legal business like CBD. Take the warning and […]


Massachusetts Cannabis Company Says Charities Refused Its Donations

[Canniseur: This makes me see red and not because of the charities that are refusing the donations. Our congress has thus far refused to act on any normalization of cannabis laws so companies who are in the cannabis production and sales space can have legitimate access to the banking system. Congress needs to act. NOW! […]


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