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What Is “Purple Punch” Weed and Will This Strain Give Your Brain a Wallop?

[Canniseur: Purple Punch! We all need mellow these days. Chilling out with this wonderful sounding strain sounds perfect. Check out your local dispensary to find out for yourself.] Just say the name: Purple Punch. It’s fun. It feels good. The words conjure thoughts of grape drink mix, freezer pops, fruit-infused cocktails, and other colorful cascades […]


10 World-Famous Historical Figures Who Loved Weed — Or At Least Grew It

Lead image via [Canniseur: A lot of people in the past … before the insane prohibition in the U.S. … were consumers of our favorite plant. Many more than we realize. Before the 1900s, cannabis was just part of the landscape. Cannabis wasn’t special. It wasn’t used like opium. Opium consumers had to go to […]


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