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Army Vet Sentenced to Life in Prison for $30 Worth of Weed Is Officially Free

Image via [Canniseur: At last. At least a little justice. It’s about time. Just over a 1/2 gram got this guy a LIFE sentence. A life sentence. The ludicrousness of our cannabis laws and how they’re enforced, especially against people of color, is kind of stupid. The U.S. should be a better place than this, […]


American Heart Association Says Weed Is Bad for Your Health, Then Calls to Reschedule It

[Canniseur: It would seem that the American Heart Association is making statements without any real scientific research and at the same time saying that cannabis should be removed from Schedule 1. There’s a small(?) disconnect here, but I’m thinking they’ve got a higher concept about what they’re doing.] Earlier this week, the American Heart Association […]


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