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Semen Laced with THC Detected Among Heavy Cannabis Users, Study Finds

Image via [Canniseur: Sometimes we’ve just got to publish a story that sends us into gales of laughter. This is one of those stories, especially the last sentence. If this is true, does it matter?] A recent study from Harvard Medical School found that trace amounts of THC metabolites were detected in semen samples from […]


What Are Landrace Weed Strains and Why Are They Evolutionary Wonders?

[Canniseur: There is a reason these strains are ‘legendary’. Read Randy’s article to learn why they have been subsumed into many different strains. Understanding landrace weed strain’s history is fascinating.] While most weed smokers describe cannabis strains informally as “indicas,” “sativas,” or “hybrids,” there are two scientific categories that distinguish cannabis in broader terms: “landrace” […]


Cannabis May Stop Coronavirus From Infecting People, Study Finds

Lighting up to prevent COVID-19

[Canniseur: This is fascinating. If it’s true, and it’s totally unproven, then it could be the biggest boon for the cannabis industry ever. If proven true, will get cannabis delisted from schedule 1 in no time. Who among cannabis consumers wouldn’t want this? Thanks for the research Canada!] A new study from Canada suggests that […]


New York Weed Arrests Are Up for People of Color, But Down for White Residents

Canniseur: Why am I not surprised at this? Because the intentional and unintentional bias toward people of color by their own police forces. Cannabis is decriminalized in New York, but arrests of people of color are up. Racial profiling is pervasive and we need to stop it now. It will take a generation though. That’s […]


Recreational Weed Hurts Medical Cannabis Programs, Study Finds

[Canniseur: This is not surprising given the difficulty in obtaining a medical card in many states. Real medical cannabis patients, who are benefiting from the plant, may be doing themselves a disservice by not staying in the medical part of cannabis in adult use legal markets. Lapsed patients are finding higher prices and a lack […]


Could Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome Be the Cause of IBS and Migraines?

[Canniseur: This could be groundbreaking. There are now two large systems in our bodies that we know almost nothing about. The endocannabinoid system and the interstitium, a new organ that was described earlier this year. Why shouldn’t the endocannabinoid system in our bodies be subject to all the ills and foibles of the other systems […]


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