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Easyriders Magazine Seals $30 Million Deal to Sell Bud to Bikers

[Canniseur: Easy Rider is THE biker magazine. Started a year after the movie of the same name, it’s become an iconic magazine for bikers. And now they’re going to sell Easy Rider Weed. For me, this is so cool and so correct. I’m thinking about an Easy Rider joint. Too cool. Just born to be […]


What Is “Wedding Cake” Weed and What Makes This Strain So Sweet?

Lead photo via [Canniseur: From first hand knowledge I know this to be a wonderful strain. It doesn’t make you sleepy, but you are aware of your body. I didn’t know about the breeder of this cultivar, but I do now. Might have to seek them out.] With weed weddings becoming the new standard for […]


High Quality Strains for Hobbyist Growers

I asked some of my favorite seed breeders to suggest their best cultivar for home growers. The stipulations were that each was easy to grow, adapted easily to different environments, and most importantly, that it had a distinctive personality. The breeders responded with some great suggestions for quality strains. 

Each cultivar is handsome, above average and potently effective. A garden featuring these selections will provide you with a library of wonderful sensations to fit time, space and mood. A couple of the strains produce high ratios of CBD.

Here’s the list.:

(PHOTO Erik Christiansen / Nugshots) Blueberry Muffin

Parents: The Razz (Razzleberry) x P.P.D (formerly known as Purple Panty Dropper)

Indica/Sativa ratio: 65% – 35% 

Breeder: Nathaniel Pennington 

Seed Company: Humboldt Seed Company

Humboldt Seed Company recommends Blueberry


Americans Think Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol, But Social Stigmas Remain

Photo via [Canniseur: Of course we know cannabis is safer than alcohol. What makes me most happy about this article is that Americans are now believing that cannabis isn’t the danger that Harry Anslinger wanted us to think it was. The social stigma will take longer to go away, even if it’s not based in […]


3 Reasons Medical Marijuana Is a Better Long-Term Investment Than Recreational Pot

[Canniseur: Medical cannabis is exactly the same as adult-use (recreational) cannabis. In many states it comes from the same jars, it’s just taxed less than adult-use. But there’s a downside risk to adult-use cannabis and that’s market volatility. Here are a few tips and ideas on why medical cannabis is better for people looking to […]


Scientists Create Yeast That Poop Out Massive Amounts of Psilocybin

[Canniseur: When I used to teach about wine and fermentation, I would say that grape juice is converted to wine by yeast. The yeast eats the sugar and belches carbon dioxide and poops alcohol. It’s an apt and accurate description, even if a little silly. If there’s a yeast variety (even if engineered) that can […]


What Is Humulene and What Are the Benefits of This Cannabis Terpene?

[Canniseur: I love wine. I love beer (craft beer, that is). I love cannabis. Beer and cannabis have always had a unique affinity for me. Maybe humulene is the reason. I do know that when I smell a really great wine, a great beer, and great flower, they all have a common element. I can’t […]


Best Movies to Watch While High

First published by Weedmaps [Canniseur: Couch-lock could become the operative word here with the ‘wrong’ strain at the ‘wrong’ time. Many of these movies are hilarious, more so if you’re feeling the effect of some good cannabis rolling around in your brain. Many of these movies are also available to stream and since we can’t […]


Why Marijuana and Yoga Is a Match Made in Nirvana

In a 2001 Time Magazine article, The Power of Yoga, Dr. Timothy McCall, author of Examining Your Doctor: A Patient’s Guide to Avoiding Harmful Medical Care said:

“One lesson of the alternative health-care movement,” McCall warns, “is that the public is not going to wait for doctors to get it together.”

This could not be truer both of marijuana and yoga.

While we have amassed thousands of years of anecdotal evidence of yoga’s benefits, we are only beginning to delve into a scientific basis to justify its legitimacy in Western society. In the same way, we are only beginning to discover the psychological and physiological benefits of marijuana. We waded patiently through tidal waves of trendy prescription drugs, brand name surgeries and expensive specialty doctors. Through


How to Blind Test Cannabis for an Elevated Experience

Cannabis can be tasted and appreciated like fine wine and the idea is gaining momentum nationwide. Over in the global ganja epicenter of California, encouraging people to blind test cannabis is nearly standardized. 

Local chef, entrepreneur and industry veteran Chip Moore, 36, is the founder of the 4 and 20 Blackbirds collective and has been treating its members to the blind tasting concept — wherein participants don’t learn strain names before sampling, followed by discussion about the key characteristics of tastes, smells and effects.

In the hippy hamlet of Fairfax north of San Francisco, the newly formed Herba Buena collective, whose co-founder Alicia Rose comes from the wine industry, incorporated blind wine-style tastings as well. 

Alicia said the “effusiveness of the aromas” should guide aficionados


Review: The XVape Aria Vape

[Canniseur: I want one! Or at least to try it anyway. It sounds like it might be even better than a Pax! I started with a wooden vape and thought it was crude. This is not crude at all!] I remember the first dry herb vape I ever owned. It was a plain, wooden Magic-Flight […]


Zelira Therapeutics Completes World’s First Clinical Trials for Treatment of Insomnia with Medical Cannabis

[Canniseur: This is a VERY interesting clinical trial about insomnia and a cannabis product. This was a clinical trial for a new cannabis product and was very successful. Its efficacity has been validated by this trial. On a larger scale, we know that couch-lock cannabis can get us to sleep and sleep well. Having an […]


Lawmakers Mourn Loss Of Charlotte Figi, Whose Story Inspired National CBD Movement And Helped Change Policies

[Canniseur: So sad. COVID-19 or any other disease for that matter has no bounds. Charlotte, as in Charlotte’s Web CBD, passed away today. While she was too young to be a true advocate to the movement, she was instrumental in getting many medical cannabis programs passed by state legislatures. She will be missed by many […]


France: With no smuggling going on, black market cannabis prices are absolutely wild right now

[Canniseur: Short but important article of what happens in the black market when supplies become scarce. There’s a lesson in here, but one that legislators are not going to pay any attention.] It’s a matter of supply and demand. With coronavirus shutting down the regular pipeline of cannabis into France, where marijuana is not legal, […]


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