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San Diego Cops Employ New Black Market Raid Strategy: Destroy Entire Pot Shop

Cops and a raid

[Canniseur: This destructive raid seems like police overreach. I can understand a raid, but destroying evidence before a guilty plea, just feels overwhelmingly wrong. Perhaps Chula Vista should legalize recreational cannabis, allowing for regulated purchases. That sounds like a more logical approach than brute force.} Chula Vista doesn’t have any fully licensed cannabis dispensaries, but […]


“Obama Runtz” Viral Video Sets Internet on Fire… But Is It a Real Weed Strain?

Photo via [Canniseur: I’ve had a few Runtz strains in the past. Pretty good and now there’s an “Obama Runtz” which might be a hoax, but a pretty funny one, if true. We love that people are having some fun with this during COVID-19. Hang in there.] You won’t be able to find Obama Runtz […]


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