Does the Cannabis Brand You Buy Understand You?

Does the cannabis brand in your local dispensary understand you or what you want from your cannabis? Probably not. It’s not just limited to cannabis either. Most brands truly don’t understand their customers. Whether it’s spaghetti sauce or cars, the brands you may love truly don’t understand you. Why? There’s plenty of market research around and market research companies out there that will help companies understand their customers. But most companies just muddle along selling their products. There are many companies who just muddle along with their brands and never really look at their audience. That’s changing.

COVID-19 has changed much  of the dynamics of brands. Since COVID pushed a lot of sales online, brands have had to sit up and take notice because consumers can be very choosy about what they buy. There’s not a lot of shelves lined up with products in a grocery although we’re all still going grocery shopping. But a lot of products are missing from the shelves.

Cannabis is changing everything. One thing that the past election showed us was that cannabis crosses all political boundaries. Cannabis is no longer just a ‘hippie’ product and most of the national brands realize this.

From Green Market Report, this story tells how a huge multi million dollar research project about cannabis consumers is sought after by the biggest corporations in the U.S. As they should be. Cannabis consumers are the largest growth sector in today’s marketplace.

Most Brands Don’t Understand Their Customers

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