MainStem, Inc. Launches Marketplace Integration with BioTrackTHC’s Seed-To-Sale Software

Seattle, WA, June 19, 2018 /AxisWire/ MainStem, Inc. a leading cannabis e-commerce technology company, has launched an integrated marketplace with BioTrackTHC, a seed-to-sale software in the legal cannabis industry. BioTrackTHC has rolled out the integration to customers in Colorado, Washington, California, Puerto Rico, and Montanawith additional states to be rolled out systematically over the next several weeks. Customers can now enjoy the benefit of purchasing all their packaging, retail accessories, lighting, grow supplies and traceability equipment within their BioTrackTHC’s user-interface at competitive pricing.

“When our team created the MainStem Affiliate Program, we understood the influence it could have within our industry, and we’re ecstatic to see our community recognizing how easy it is to use,” said Garrett Hampton, CTO of MainStem, Inc.  “MainStem is known for our strength in product offerings and efficiencies, and this partnership provides BioTrackTHC’s user base with strong support from our business and our approach to open and connected partners throughout the industry. I look forward to extending integrations with all software applications and partners looking to streamline the overall process of supply chain management.”

Alen Nguyen, CEO of MainStem, Inc. commented: “We realized the opportunity presented by the fragmentation of the ancillary supply market in the cannabis industry. MainStem is revolutionizing the way traditional supply chain management is happening in the industry “.

“Imagine you’re dealing with thousands of plants/products being moved around in your seed-to-sale software and you realize you need more nutrients or packaging.  You’d have to leave what you’re working on to order more supplies, or make yourself a note to do it later,” said Dr. Moe Afaneh, COO of BioTrackTHC. “Without any incurred costs or change in monthly billing, we’re providing a way for customers to order those supplies without breaking from what they’re currently working on.  Businesses already invest so much time and money into seed-to-sale and compliance, so this adds a more efficient process to yet another facet of their business and does so in a way that also offsets the cost of your seed-to-sale software by leveraging partnerships.”

About MainStem, Inc.

MainStem, a technology-based ancillary product distribution company in the regulated cannabis industry, is the leading comprehensive marketplace in the industry, with over 10,000 products for cannabis businesses to choose from. The company integrates its marketplace into significant industry software providers to maximize its customer reach and simplify the procurement process for industry businesses. To learn more, please visit

Linden Mundekis,

MainStem, Inc.



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