On the Hunt for Marijuana Million$

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Jon Regis is a black gynecologist who heads Reliance Medical Group, a medical practice with offices throughout South Jersey. His business partner, Ira Trocki, is a Jewish plastic surgeon who once sewed up boxer Mike Tyson’s right eye after a brutal match in Atlantic City. The pair jokingly refers to themselves as “Salt and Pepper” — a play on their racial differences.

But they’re now hoping to use the interracial nature of their business partnership as a selling point in a new venture: creating a Disneyland for adult recreational marijuana on the Jersey Shore.

They own a shuttered Comfort Inn hotel in West Atlantic City where they plan to make it happen.

“This has 810 acres of beachfront property we’re right now in the process of gutting and rehabbing,” Dr. Regis said as he steered his car off from the Black Horse Pike and into the gravelly parking lot of the hotel.

They envision a resort with a marijuana bar where guests can sample various strains of cannabis, an on-site wholesale shop where they can purchase products to take home, and a beach where guests can enjoy a getting high on the white sand, along with views of Atlantic City.

Read the original story here: On the Hunt for Marijuana Million$ | WNYC News | WNYC

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