The Making of Quality CBD Supplements: An Interview with Anthony Walsh

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Many people looking to improve the quality of their life have turned to CBD supplements to reduce pain and symptoms related to stress. Plus CBD can help improve many other health conditions. With the recent Federal legalization of hemp and the legalization of cannabis in 10 States plus DC, CBD is coming into its own.

Canniseur had the opportunity to meet one of the leaders in the CBD industry, Anthony Walsh. Anthony is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of EcoLife Premium Hemp Extracts who wants to make a difference in the world.

Interview: EcoLife Premium Hemp Extracts, Anthony Walsh

Anthony Walsh, EcoLife CBDCanniseur: The first thing I’d like you to share with our readers is your story. You’ve been a very successful entrepreneur in past ventures. We’d love to hear your motivation for entering the cannabis/CBD field.

Anthony: My business successes came at the price of my health. I started taking CBD due to trouble sleeping and stress and anxiety from my running my storm restoration company DuraShield Contracting. In my research on how to improve one’s health, I found certain life style changes can improve one’s over all well-being. I changed my diet and increased my exercise. Around that time I discovered CBD. I tried it and found great relief. The CBD I found was made in small batches. It worked great. My father became ill and I had him try it. It helped him a great deal too. Then there was a friend who asked about it. Then another. Soon, many family members and friends were getting their CBD oil from me. It really snowballed from there.

My research on CBD found quality control to be lacking. There was no easy way to understand the quality and difference of one CBD product from another. No one was testing their product and making that information available. I was sure I could do this better.

I’ve found a great, organic source of hemp, and a processor that would work with me on the exceptional standards I demand. I want to sell to the public only a product that I would take myself or give to my family.

C: What exactly is the EcoLife movement?
A: The EcoLife Movement is a growing health movement of people living healthier and for more filling lives by using a quality cannabinoid rich hemp supplement like EcoLife daily

C: You’ve invested heavily in the legal and regulatory landscape of “Full Spectrum” products, please tell us what your motivation was for this.
A: At EcoLife want our products to be exactly as we say it is. We want to ensure the quality of our products so our customers know exactly what they are ingesting. It’s as important to me to use only high quality products as it is to sell only the highest quality products. To this end, we invest in regular, 3rd party lab testing to certify our CBD products have the full spectrum of cannabinoids and nothing else. It’s not cheap to have certified lab testing for our products, but this is our utmost priority.

C: While acknowledging that CBD use is becoming more mainstream, there is still has some stigma attached. It’s the scary reefer madness afterglow. Are you planning any educational outreach?
A: We are continually engaging in education. We sing the rewards of good quality full spectrum CBD oil. So, yes our educational efforts will continue.

C: Assuming federal legalization, what is your plan for growing your business before vs. after legalization occurs?
A: Great question. We do plan, down the road, to expand into high THC products. For now though we plan on continuing to sell high quality, certified CBD full spectrum oils, made with sustainably grown, organic hemp. Our CBD full spectrum oil is manufactured with incredibly tight controls.

Our sales have been growing organically as well. We have done very little marketing, yet our sales are doing better than we could have ever expected.

C: Are there different ‘recipes’ for different CBD FSO supplements? Or are they all the same and considered a general health aid for overall better health?
A: This question goes to the heart of how CBD is made and works. The specific cannabinoids found in one full spectrum oil brand is different from another manufacturer. This is solely based on the genetic make up of the hemp plant being grown and processed. All hemp plants are not created equal and the have different genetic makeups. The result is the CBD from one field of hemp is bound to have a different ratio of terpenes and other cannabinoids. The strain of the hemp we process has a high CBD content. It’s this that set us apart from our competitor’s FSO.

C: Are your products available in stores? Where?
A: Our products are available in several stores throughout Wisconsin and a handful of stores in other states like California and South Carolina. You can also purchase our products online at our website.

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