Weed Week in Review April 16, 2021

LEGALIZATION! It’s happening! In the week before our national holiday, “4-20” it’s time to take a quick look at legalization across the USofA. It’s happening,,,but with some sad exceptions. A majority of the citizens in our country live in an adult-use legal state. In the last 2 weeks, New Mexico, Virginia and New York have legalized. There are still several more states looking at legalizing. It seems like legislators are beginning to understand that a majority of Americans want to end the racist prohibition of cannabis. They have come to understand that legalization works, brings revenue into government coffers and people aren’t running around naked in the streets.

Sadly, there are still a few outliers. Wisconsin, Mississippi and several other states still have legislatures that don’t represent (or respect!) the people who elected them! Really. Almost all those legislatures are run by “Tea Party” republicans. So they’re a sham. Georgia, famous for other bad things these days along with both Carolina’s, North and South, just seem to be stuck in the 1970s. There is one powerful state senator in North Carolina who professes to support at least medical cannabis, but this will probably go nowhere as it has in the past. Also a few states in the far north who just don’t seem to get it these days.

There’s only one thing left; The Federal Government! For some reason, President Biden won’t just sign a document that would remove marijuana from Schedule 1 and decriminalize it at the same time. That would allow so many things like banking, which pot shops desperately need. Right now weed is a cash business, just like the old days when you bought your weed from your local, friendly dealer. This is not good with so much cash hanging without a place to put it.

Here’s are some articles without any comments that are showing what’s happening in the legalization space these few days before 4-20!

Virginia lawmakers OK recreational marijuana possession, cultivation

Virginia becomes first Southern state to legalize cannabis

New York Legalizes Adult Use Cannabis

For Cannabis Activists, New York’s Legalization A ‘Big Deal’

Two Missouri Communities Decriminalize Cannabis Possession

New Mexico governor signs bill to legalize recreational pot

NC bill to legalize medical marijuana now has key supporter

And finally a few stories that aren’t so good:

Mississippi Supreme Court Hears Challenge To Medical Marijuana Measure Approved By Voters

Legal weed’s first year in Chicago: High arrest rates for Black people, a boutique experience for others

Marijuana Legalization Bills Died In Three States This Week As Others Move Forward

There’s still a lot of bad news out there on the legalization front, but it’s getting better.

HAPPY 420!!!



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