Weed Week in Review April 9, 2021

OK! One week away from 420…OK, a bit less than a week!!! More and more states are legalizing adult use. Some unexpected states are considering medical marijuana. Where weed is legalized, medical or adult use, more tax money is flowing into the state coffers. The states are legalizing, but how about the US? This week, Weed Week in Review has a story about why Biden isn’t decriminalizing or legalizing weed along with some more stupidity from states about THC levels. While I wouldn’t drink a Chardonnay with 20% alcohol, some might. Why should weed be any different than alcohol? Stigma? People still trying to control what they cannot control? Check out the stories for some interesting takes on the path to legalization of marijuana.

Biden Is Too Busy To Decriminalize Marijuana, Harris Says

OK I get it. President Biden is very busy. He’s trying to get a lot of stuff done, like infrastructure. But given the racial overtones and reality of cannabis prohibition, he shouldn’t be too busy for a simple stroke or two of the pen. First stroke; Remove cannabis from Schedule 1. That would remove all sorts of problems with research, banking and other issues at the federal level. Second stroke of the pen; Signing an executive order to legalize and decriminalize marijuana and make sure it goes into the Federal Register. Bam!!! Done!!!! That’s all it would take. Then let the House and Senate duke it out trying to figure out how to make money from weed through legislative legalization. C’mon Joe, give it a go. This is a big guess; President Biden was one of the architects of the draconian drug laws enacted in the 1990s, he just might not want to deal with legalizing marijuana. It might make him look like he was wrong. Guess what? He was wrong!!! He was wrong then. He’s wrong now for not doing anything about it.

Are Higher THC Levels In Legal Cannabis Becoming Too High?

Sometimes idiots are just idiots. I have to wonder why there are people who worry about the THC content of weed? It’s really beyond me. Higher THC levels are frequently associated with “better” weed, but this is so far from the truth that it’s barely worth discussing. Marijuana is so much more than the percentage of THC in the bud, that I have to think that only stupid people believe that the best bud can be measured by the THC content. There are over 300 already identified chemicals in a cannabis flower and probably more to be discovered. THC, while an important part of what consuming bud is all about, is only a small part of the story, no matter what the THC content is.

The Case for Cannabis

This is a publication from Louisiana. Louisiana has some of the most restrictive anti-cannabis laws in the US. There’s no surprising news in here, but it’s worth a read if only to see what’s happening in the minds of some very conservative people. Legalized cannabis hasn’t changed anything in law enforcement in the legal states. In the illegal states, the police still put a lot of their effort into enforcement of the outdated, racist and illogical laws surrounding cannabis. It’s getting ridiculous that many state politicians are so set against legal cannabis that they can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s a dumbass way of thinking. People are NOT running around naked and screaming. Automobile accident rates HAVE NOT GONE UP in states where cannabis is legal. In fact, the impact of legal cannabis has been so minimal that it’s hard to see anything at all except for one thing. Tax revenues have gone up significantly in legal states.

Washington’s Legislature moves to address equity in the cannabis business

Racial equality and equity in the weed business is a problem. Black people make up about 10% of the population in the US. They make up less than 3% of marijuana retailers and far less a percentage of producers. This is not good, nor is it fair especially because the arrest rate of African – Americans is measured in multiples of the arrest rate of white people. Most of the retail operations are becoming multi-state operations that are well funded, have deep pockets and have only one interest; making money. Lots of money. Making money is a good thing. Our culture is a capitalist society where making money is both expected and desirable. But if we leave out 10% of the population from the get-go, that’s not only unfair, but will also engender some discord amongst communities of color. The legislature in Washington State is beginning to address this situation. Will it be enough? I don’t know. This is an issue we will continue to follow and as we see updates, we’ll publish the links and comment on this developing story.

NC bill to legalize medical marijuana now has key supporter

The Carolina’s, both North and South have been very retro when it comes to the legalization of marijuana in any way, shape or form. In North Carolina, even in a super liberal place like Asheville, shops that sell rolling papers and pipes won’t utter the ‘m’ word (marijuana) because they’re afraid that the ‘State’ might be listening in. In this case, I’m very glad the legislature is finally taking up legalizing weed for at least medical purposes in the state. I’m not convinced that it will actually pass the legislature, much less get to the desk of the governor to sign, but I’m hopeful that the draconian, stupid and outdated laws might actually go away and at least there will be medical weed. This is a story worth following and we’ll see if it can move forward in any meaningful manner. While I’m hopeful, I’m also not hopeful. The repubulican party in North Carolina might just be too entrenched with the weird trumpian notions of what is right and what is wrong.

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