Weed Week in Review April 2, 2021

Hard to believe that we’re already 1/4 of the way through 2021!!! This week, Weed Week in Review congratulates two states for legalizing adult use cannabis!!!! Both New Mexico and New York have legalized adult-use cannabis. In New Mexico, it took a special session of the legislature and in New York, it just took a slog to get there. That puts the number of states with adult use cannabis at 15 and still growing! And don’t forget to scroll down to the other stories about beverages and how pot shops are evolving.


Cannabis legalization bill heads to Lujan Grisham

This is big. I mean BIG!!!!!!! BIGBIGBIG Both New York’s law and New Mexico law are attempts to bring some racial equity to the market.  I’m hopeful this will really happen with these new laws. It’s been almost 100 years of racist policies and it’s about time we started to truly address the issues that US racism has never truly confronted before. This is a landmark day in the legalizing of a plant that never should have been illegal in the first place and bring the number of states within shouting distance of a plurality of states with legal adult use cannabis. I’m currently in Utah where, believe it or not, there is legal medical cannabis. I thought Utah would be the last state to have any sort of cannabis legality, given the LDS church stance on alcohol, caffeine and other mind altering drugs. You have to love the Governor of New Mexico. She called the legislature on it’s inability to pass legislation. She called a special session for just this. Many legislators were upset because they’re Catholic and it’s holy week. So Gov. Lujan-Grisham essentially locked them all in a room and told them to come out when there was legislation for her to sign. They passed it in three days. It’s not perfect, but it does have expungement in it. It’s a start.

Chemung Co. Sheriff, ‘Legalizing Marijuana You’ll See More Motor Vehicle Accidents and Fatalities’

Sometimes an idiot is an idiot. The Sheriff of Chemung county is living in the dark ages. Maybe not the dark ages, but certainly in the past. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, he still refuses to believe in the facts. In Colorado, the state with the most experience in legal adult use cannabis, the accident rate has actually gone down. Teenage use of cannabis has gone down. Nobody is running through the streets all naked and having hallucinations. Everyone is calm and nothing has really changed. There will always be a few die-hard (none as good as the movie) idiots who believe the racist propaganda that’s been promulgated over the last century. I feel bad for them, but I look around and people are still bamboozled by propaganda. Goebbels was right. So was P.T. Barnum.

Cannabis finds a place in grandmother’s cupboard

Granny won’t have an excuse for forgetting stuff any more if she consumes marijuana. According to me studies, consuming cannabis actually improves cognition and memory.  This is bad. NOT But it does make one of my many excuses in cannabis moot. I thought I cold use the role of cannabis in my life as an excuse to say I can’t remember, since a German study and a few other studies have validated the idea that weed is good for cognition and memory. Not only is that a good thing, but … … uh, I can’t remember the rest. 😉

Oh Hi Cannabis Seltzer Hits Oklahoma Via OK CannaBev

More beverages are coming that are infused with cannabis. This particular beverage is made with water soluble weed (OK, THC). THC is not normally soluble in water It need oil to be dissolved, but someone patented a process that makes the molecule dissolve in water. The compant then adds terpenes and other chemicals from the plant and Voila! a CannaBev beverage. The downside of this is it’s a 10mg dose, which for some is an overdose. But with faster acting cannabis (water soluble) might alleviate some of the problems with edibles. I’ve long had issues with edibles because of the lack of consistency and the length of time it takes to become active. Not good. I still like flower, mostly because it’s cannabis and I can pretty much see (and smoke) what I’m getting. I can toke as much as I would like and I know what the buzz is going to be. I might be a bit old-fashioned, but I do know what is going to happen up to a point.

Pot Dispensaries Are Getting Retail Makeovers: Cannabis Weekly

It’s about time. At the end of the day a weed shop is a retail operation. These days their ambience might be anything from post hippie to ultra cool and slick. The few dispensaries that are ‘slick’ seem to be forced ‘slick’. i can’t explain it any other way. When I first started building a wine cellar, the best wine store I went to was Sam’s in Chicago. Sam’s was in an old building that had a fire and his best wines were down in the basement with beams burned from an old fire. You could rummage around and find treasures, if you were lucky. And I found more than a few. I really dislike pot shops being called dispensaries. Was Sam’s a wine dispensary? I’m happy that there is some attention beginning to be paid to the retail experience. And that’s exactly what it should be.

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