Weed Week in Review April 30, 2021

The week in weed: This week we’ve got a mish-mash of stories. States are beginning to really recognize that marijuana arrests have been mostly racially driven. I don’t know if a pardon is as good as expungement, but it’s a start on a road that should have been traveled decades ago. States are also beginning to recognize that the ‘criminalization’ of weed was not the right thing to do. It’s time to recognize that cannabis is just there. It’s always been a part of human culture and turning it into a ‘hippie’ drug was not appropriate.

There are still the naysayers in the crowd, who think it should still be illegal. Then they bring up the specious argument about all the societal problems. This argument is specious because taking all the arguments for the three main drugs; alcohol, cannabis and nicotine it would be clear which ones should be ‘banned.’ It’s not cannabis. Sure, there are plenty of problems with weed, but they’re not as bad as alcohol, tobacco or other legal drugs…think opioids. Society will always have issues with drugs. There have been drug problems for over 5,000 years. It’s not going away, so let’s get sane.

Author laments ‘potent’ marijuana

Should states regulate marijuana by its potency? Some say yes

‘This is not your Woodstock weed’ — these states are taxing marijuana that has higher THC levels

The criminalization of marijuana in Georgia began in the 1930s

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome impacts daily and weekly marijuana users

City Council Adopts Resolution to Accept $75,000 Grant for Cannabis Justice

Majority of Americans support legalization of marijuana

D.C. marijuana activists stage ‘Joints for Jabs’ to promote vaccines

New Mexico marijuana legalization poses a serious threat to Colorado’s lucrative border-town pot shops

Drinkable high: Are THC-infused beverages the next trend in legal cannabis?

Resident Urges Committee to Pause on Cannabis Sales

Border weed: How the hometown of tater tots became a cannabis capital

Enrollment explodes in Northern New Mexico College’s cannabis program

US appeals court denies cannabis firm Harborside’s bid to end 280E

20-Year Cannabis Study Shows Few Cognitive Impacts on Twins

Five States Where Republicans Are Trying to Block Marijuana Legalization

5 Things To Know: New Bill Aims to Legalize Marijuana in North Carolina

Montana Marijuana Legalization Bill Passes in Senate

Birmingham to pardon 15,000 with marijuana convictions

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