Weed Week in Review February 26, 2021

Weed Week in Review publishes a weekly report of the good, the bad and the ugly about weed in the US (and other places too). We’ll provide a little commentary about what’s happening in the world of weed.

Bill would delay sale of voter-approved recreational marijuana until 2023

(Also, see the last story on this page) This is going to be an ongoing problem in the states where republicans (and it always seems to be the republicans!) are thwarting the will of the voters. Now Montana is going to follow the lead of South Dakota, in trying to halt the process where legal weed can be sold and the state can profit through taxes. I can’t pass judgement on a 20% tax on the retail price of pot, which is what they’re looking for, I think the tax could put a definite squeeze on the growers to be both profitable and have the cannabis sell at a price that’s competitive with the illicit market, aka the extralegal market. If the legislators and Governor would get their heads out of their collective keesters aka asses we might actually get a meaningful program. I wonder why they’re sostupid about the process that voters want.

Hashish oil peddling from Vizag after repeated seizures of marijuana

Here’s an example of how some parts of the world view cannabis legalization and it’s not a pretty picture. The author attributes the phrase; “A drop of marijuana oil on a cigarette is enough to cause hours of narco-effects on those who take it, officials said, adding they have caught men …” Surreal. But this is how many in India view marijuana use. In a throwback to the 1970s, they still call it ‘narco’ which is a term that really doesn’t apply to cannabis consumption. Go figure…

Murphy signs N.J. legal weed bills, ending 3-year saga

It’s about frikken time as they might say. Gov. Murphy of New Jersey finally finally signed a bill making adult use cannabis legal in the state. Last week, this column reported that the number of arrests for possession for marijuana have actually gone up over the last year, especially after the voters overwhelmingly voted to legalize our friendly plant. And we do know who the preponderance of arrests were targeted at, yes? People of color, if you didn’t already know. While the bill doesn’t have provisions for minority ownership of dispensaries, nor does it have an amnesty for possession, it’s a start. Interestingly, some pundits are saying that the market will be a billion dollars within there years. I think it will be way sooner than that and New Jersey will reap the tax benefits for legalized weed.

And this just in:

What You Need to Know About Marijuana Legalization in New Jersey

Not only has New Jersey legalized weed for adult use, they have also told law enforcement to stop arresting people for pot. And the attorney general of New Jersey told police and prosecutors to stop pressing marijuana cases. At least it’s a little relief for communities of color all over New Jersey. YAY!!!!

North Dakota House approves plan to legalize recreational pot; bill headed to Senate

North Dakota House passes joint bills to legalize and tax marijuana

WOWIE!!! North Dakota with adult use weed??? Kind of surreal. Especially given the way Montana has reacted to the voter passed amendment to their constitution to make adult use pot legal. Guess where all the money from Montana is going to go? Why, North Dakota, of course. Right now, there are 35 states that have medical marijuana. Far fewer have adult use and even fewer have legislative adult use cannabis. New Jersey joined those ranks this week…even though the population passed legalization last November.This is really good. Really really good.

While much of the country is at a standstill, the cannabis industry is hiring

The cannabis industry is large and getting larger. There’s more news about this than the alcoholic beverage industry, I’m guessing mostly because it’s a far newer industry. Make no mistake about it. It is a new industry and since pot is still illegal in many states, it’s still a ‘baby’ industry. If the federal government removes cannabis from schedule 1 and decriminalizes marijuana, the industry will explode. If anyone in the US thinks this won’t be a significant source of jobs, income and tax dollars, they’ve been living on a different planet; I’m not sure which planet they’re living on, but they’re not paying attention. The US still has influence in most of the world, in spite of our last president’s attempts to remove us from the world stage. And if the US legalizes pot, the rest of the world wil

The best new cannabis strains to grow in 2021

If you like to get in the weeds … with weed … here’s an article for you! Leafly.com has declared these strains the best for home grow in 2021. Why these strains is beyond me, but they do one thing in the article I don’t like; Touting auto-flowering strains. I get why producers want to sell these strains they’ve developed to home growers. It makes life way easier for the grower. Growing weed is easy. There’s a reason it’s called weed. Growing quality weed is harder. Auto-flowering strains are usually crossed with cannabis ruderalis, which is a particularly weak plant. It’s the third major cultivar of cannabis after sativa and indica. But if you want to grow your own, here’s a place to get started.

‘Red State Assault’ on Ballot Measures Threatens Direct Democracy

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. The unspeakable assault on our democracy continues by republicuns. (the misspelling is on purpose). Why do people in general think that their views, when they have a little power, are more important than the people who put them in office in the first place? It’s getting insane and the only way for this to end seems to be the end of the republicun party as we knew it. Knew is in the past tense because the party won’t last for a long time like this. First the supporters of the asshole who started calling the election results rigged 4 months before the election gets his people (they are lower than human) to assault the Capitol of the United States and now the same sub-humans are assaulting the democracy we love and cherish. The only way to defeat them is to vote them out of office. Hopefully, there are more Americans who believe in our democracy than there are these people, but it’s currently hard to tell.

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