Weed Week in Review June 11, 2021

We’re moving closer to the halfway mark in 2021. It might be quieter than 2020, but it’s still strange as more and more states move on cannabis legalization for adult use. The first article today is about Connecticut. They have joined the ranks of states who have legalized adult use cannabis. WA-HOO!!!! Well over half Americans live in cannabis legal states. It’s a movement whose time has come.

Connecticut Lawmakers Finally Reach Marijuana Legalization Deal With Governor

And it’s about time too. This has been going on for about 2 years in Connecticut and it’s time the legislature got a bill that both they and the governor can live with. Cannabis legalization is a difficult thing for some legislators and it doesn’t make sense. Legalize it and regulate it just like liquor, beer and wine. They’re wasting everyone’s time by not acting quickly. In the case of Connecticut, they’re losing lots of tax dollars to Massachusetts.

Regulating new cannabis product delta 8 possible, but will require work, experts say

What difference does it make? Delta 8-THC is a product of the cannabis plant. The plant should be regulated, not the products the plant may or may not have. This is another one I just don’t understand. If legislatures can’t understand that the plant is the plant and quit trying to regulate every part of the plant, they would have time to work on more important thins. Do they try to regulate every phenol, terpene and whatever else is in wine? No. So why should they try to regulate just another part of the plant?

$6 million worth of marijuana seized this week at the Port of Buffalo

The only reason this story appears here is to demonstrate that illegal sales of weed probably still outpace the legal sales of cannabis…even in Colorado. And the cops are still at it only now apparently in reverse. This was 3,000 pounds. That equals about $27 million when sold by the gram. I’m sure it’s less when it’s sold by the ounce, but hey, it’s still a lot of … … wait for it … … hay.

Start Spreading The News: New York Could Displace California As Cannabis Capital Of The World

Not surprising given the stupidity of many California municipalities. I don’t know the sales tax laws in the state, but they should exclude tax revenues from cannabis if the towns don’t allow cultivation or dispensaries. It’s that simple. The politicians in those communities leave much to be desired. Nothing, absolutely nothing has changed in any state that has legalized cannabis or any community that allows it inside its borders. Nothing.

NFL to spend $1 million researching medical cannabis pain management

Important stuff here. I’ve known a few people who had played in the NFL. One had the early signs of dementia when he was 40. One played football through high school, college and the NFL. He quit the NFL when he was 25 because he feared for his life and family. It took a long time for the NFL to own up to the idea that brain injuries were killing its players. Men who have played in the NFL have one of the lowest ages for death. Average life expectancy for a former NFL player was under 60 years.

New Book Explores The Art Of Marijuana Etiquette

“Don’t Bogart That Joint, My Friend” was an old song about hogging a joint that was being passed around. That was the 1970s. This is the 2020s. New century. New etiquette. Fun. This book will show you where the etiquette of cannabis consumption in the company of other people has gone. And it has gone a long way. Something for you to enjoy for your weekend reading pleasure.


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