Weed Week in Review June 25, 2021

We are now (not) quite halfway through 2021. WHEW!!! Our year started with COVID-19 (and this is 2021) restrictions still in place and we’re finally opening back up to a degree of normalcy. It’s been an interesting year in the world of weed so far too! it’s getting hard to keep track of the states that are going legal. It’s easier to figure out which states are still an anti-weed than it is to tell which states have wised up! Short week, so have fun and go outside and play, if it’s not too hot!

Latest Cannabinoid in the Spotlight: Delta-10 THC

OK! We all know Delta 9 THC. It’s supposedly the cannabinoid that makes you high. But is it really? For the last few months, there’s been Delta 8, which is ‘unregulated’ NOT. It’s cannabis. Now there’s Delta 10. Really? If we’re just finding these two, there are more.

‘We can get it right’: With Connecticut, recreational marijuana use has now been legalized in nearly half of the US

Yop. Connecticut is the 19th state with legal adult use cannabis. While only 19 states have legal cannabis, they represent well over half the population. And in the next few weeks, there may be three other states come on stream with adult use cannabis allowed. It’s a good thing, but it shouldn’t have taken this long. Now the Federal government needs to step up to the plate and remove cannabis from schedule 1 and make it legal so the cannabis companies can use the banking system. There should be NO difference between cannabis and alcohol.

More Workers Are Testing Positive for Marijuana

When I first read this, it was kind of a duh. Of course more workers are testing positive for marijuana. Then I started to think about the ramifications of this. People are consuming more because it’s legal. Testing for cannabis is a throwback to the 1990s. Amazon is not going to penalize workers because they consume cannabis. Why should other businesses? Cannabis does not impair judgement like alcohol. That’s a proven fact. So why are we still doing this??? Stigma. That’s why. That and societies just don’t change rapidly enough to keep up with reality.

University of Illinois Springfield to offer certification in cannabis education

More and more, as cannabis is legalized, there are universities and colleges offering courses in cannabis. Whether it’s education, cultivation or whatever, cannabis is slowly gaining academic credibility. It’s part of the de-stigmatization of cannabis in society. Education will be important. I have to wonder which college or university will become the go-to place for cannabis education or maybe more than one. It would be the analog of UC-Davis, which is considered the ‘go-to’ university for wine and wine research. And there’s a lot of wine research going on.

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