Weed Week in Review March 12, 2021

Weed Week in Review publishes a weekly report of the good, the bad and the ugly about weed in the US (and other places too). We’ll provide a little commentary about what’s happening in the world of weed.

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

This is a terrific four panel cartoon. It’s serious. And the statistics in it tell pretty much the entire story about the inequity of marijuana laws for the last 85 or so years. Marijuana laws are white man laws that were directed at (primarily) black populations and indeed all people of color. It’s still happening today. It’s frustrating to see. There should be more equality in this industry and this short 4 panel comic actually points out some ways to ensure that people of color are not left out of the bonanza that legal weed is bringing to both the state governments and eventually to the federal government.

This is far bigger news than the press coverage. Yes, it’s on the front page of many publications, but it’s buried on the bottom. And it is a big deal, no doubt about it. If you’ve studied history at all, the word marijuana came from Mexico, invented as a pejorative by white folk in Washington, DC and nabobs in Mexico. Yes, the history of stigmatizing cannabis is horrid and racist, but it’s beginning to come to an end. Now we need research. I did think about going to visit my friends in Oaxaca and snagging some Acapulco Gold…which is grown in Colorado, but only by one grower.

Why is this not surprising? Several reasons; First, is the quality in the black market is probably better. In the legal market, there are usually producers who are trying to maximize their profit. This has them cutting corners…mostly in curing. Second, if the taxes on weed are too high, the value proposition goes to the black market. Third, inertia is hard to stop and people are happier sticking to the same old same old. Easy to stay where you are, then change. There are a few misstatements of fact in the article, but nothing that materially changes the finding about the black market. One last thing; It took about 30 years for the alcohol market to stabilize after repeal. Why would legal marijuana markets be any different than a legal alcoholic beverage market?

Study: Cannabis Effective Treatment for 90% of Ulcerative Colitis Patients

Fascinating. Yet another condition where the symptoms are ameliorated by the use of cannabis. Weed is good stuff, yes. Ulcerative Colitis can be debilitating. Similar to Chron’s Disease, it’s

The ‘Other’ Way Cannabis Can Help Treat Cancer

Good look at many of the ways how cannabis is or can be used to treat cancer. One of the more interesting research was how consuming pot can get better adherence to the


Weed is still illegal in states where sex with farm animals isn’t

I honestly don’t know what to do with this information. The whole idea of being able to have sex with farm animals while being completely legal, but getting arrested while smoking a joint is beyond anything my brain can process. And I can usually process a lot. So in the hypothetical case of someone getting arrested for smoking some weed while hawmping on ol’ bossy, is just … it’s just beyond comprehension. And pretty damn funny too, if it wasn’t so sad.

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