Weed Week in Review March 19, 2021

This week, Weed Week in Review is only publishing nice stories about weed. The worst thing that could happen to the weed world (NOT) is there was nothing terrible happening…at least on at the top of the heap. True, the New Mexico legislature just can’t seem to get their shit together and pass a law. The law can be modified, but it needs to be passed. There a few other negative stories this week, but nothing that can’t wait. We need some good and happy news. This week’s column does that.

What is “loud” weed?

Oh my. I love this term. Loud. New to me, it does describe exactly what I love in weed. I”m just surprised that nobody else (or me!) thought of this years ago. Loud weed seems like it might be the term I’ve used only a few times in my marijuana consuming days (and there are many of them) to describe the bud I’m smoking. Loud. Makes sense as great weed is loud in my head. As a general term, loud weed is “powerfully aromatic, pungent, high quality, potent, and cerebral experience.” Loud  cannabis strains include: Loud, Loud Dream, and Loud Scout.

The Proto-Indo Europeans and Indo-European Cannabis Cult

Stone age stoners! YES!!! While they may have gone a bit over the top with cannabis, they did so because to these civilizations weed was magic and helped them to see their god(s). Well, for some it’s still that way and that’s fine. Starting in 2016 there were a slew of articles about how weed being the original cash crop, 5,000 year old “dope dealers” and other strange things that we’re finding out about ancient and not so ancient cultures. But you’ve gotta start someplace and apparently it started more than 5,000 years ago. It probably started as a magic plant and then got religious overtones as these kinds of things do. I would bet that cannabis culture is over 10,000 years old. Just because we found about a culture that’s 5,000 years old, they couldn’t have been the first. Culture has to develop and that takes time.

8 Easy Ways To Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Sometimes you want to get some smoke ready for your pipe or you want to roll a joint. But you are somewhere without all your cannabis accessories and that includes a grinder. What do you do? You read this article, that’s what. Here are 8 ways you can get your bud into pipe consistency or into joint consistency. Good to learn this stuff for weed survival when away from home. Some of them are pretty funny, but they all work. For me, I prefer to “grind” up my weed with my hand when there’s no grinder.

Can Cannabis Help Pancreatic Cancer?

I have a personal history with pancreatic cancer. My mother died of it, about a month after she was diagnosed. It had destroyed her liver and was moving on to her lungs and brain. Pancreatic cancer is close to 100% fatal after 5 years. To be sure there are a few outliers who live longer than 5 years, but very few. There is no treatment that works. There’s also no diagnostic tool that allows a test for pancreatic cancer. By the time you don’t feel good and get a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, it’s probably metastasized and is riddling your body. If cannabis can help with pancreatic cancer…WOW! And there is evidence that it might just be able to do that.

Stoners Emerge as a New Target for Marketers: Cannabis Weekly

This article is actually from Bloomberg and I couldn’t find it on Cannabis Weekly, so here’s your link to at least read this. Of course stoners are a market. Lots of companies thought stoners were just couch potatoes and since the market was not legitimate, they didn’t waste marketing dollars on the stoner market. Now that weed is at the starting gate for going mainstream, companies are taking notice. And they’re not just trying to sell Cheetos to stoners. They’re trying to figure out how to go beyond the stoner stereotype phase and find out what stoners like. My guess is that all the fancy marketers in the world will find out what I suspect. People who consume cannabis are just regular people. OK, maybe we like snacks more, but we’re susceptible to good marketing and advertising, just like everyone else.

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