Weed Week in Review March 5, 2021

Weed Week in Review publishes a weekly report of the good, the bad and the ugly about weed in the US (and other places too). We’ll provide a little commentary about what’s happening in the world of weed.

Ah, Texas. What’s can I say about you? Right up there with Montana and a few other states, the stupidity of the republicun run state is astonishing. Delta 8-THC, which is derived from hemp, which is technically cannabis sativa and not cannabis hempus or whatever, contains a chemical called Delta 8-THC. Guess what? Delta-8 can give you a buzz about as good as our old buddy Delta 9. And in Texas, since it’s a derivative of hemp, it’s LEGAL!!! Either the Texas legislature needs to outlaw this chemical or… … it needs to tax it. DUH! While none of us like taxes, this is the perfect time for Texas to wake up and smell the terpenes…the cannabis terpenes!

Majority of Texas Voters Want to Legalize Cannabis

The people want it. The legislators don’t. 60% or so of Texas voters want to legalize cannabis. Why oh why won’t the legislature vote to legalize weed? Oh, I forgot. The legislature with a HUGE republican majority doesn’t listen to the voters. Why? Because they’re republicuns? Or are they republicans? The thumbs up is for the people This thumbs down if for the legislators. I really don’t understand why republicans have become the party of anti-people. They seem to revel in the idea that they don’t have to listen or pay heed to the voting public…THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED THEM INTO OFFICE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Have they bamboozled the people to that extent? I guess I can look at Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Mississippi along with Texas to see what the republicans want these days. I get conservative. These are not conservative people. They’re assholes. Pure and simple. The people vote you into office. Do their bidding.

U.S. Cannabis Sales Hit Record $17.5 Billion As Americans Consume More Marijuana Than Ever Before

A lot of Americans consume weed. A whole lot. COVID has served to increase the amount of cannabis people consume. Colorado sold over $2 billion in cannabis. Washington state collected over one BILLION dollars in taxes (I don’t know the taxation rate in Washington). A billion dollars in tax revenue. This story pretty well lays out some of the reasons, but there are so many. When cannabis is legalized nationally, and it will be, make no mistake, the potential in sales and revenue might dwarf alcohol. No wonder many alcoholic beverage companies are moving into the cannabis space. Can’t blame them. They understand how people want their drugs, whether it’s alcohol or weed. Or both!

Barbara Dittrich: Don’t believe that marijuana isn’t dangerous

This woman is an effin’ idiot. For some reason, she wants to pursue a narrative that dates back 100 or so years. Why? Why do people continue to cling to the idea that marijuana is bad. Marijuana is evil. Marijuana is a gateway drug. She’s related to the Sabets and Berensons of the world who refuse to look cannabis square in the eye. To this woman, alcohol is benign. She wants to ban everything in face of the evidence that nothing that’s banned stays banned forever. Doesn’t matter whether it’s cannabis, alcohol, porn, other drugs or gambling. People want these things because … well, we’re human. Get off your high horse lady and get real. Blaze one. Have some fun.

Weed is still illegal in states where sex with farm animals isn’t

I honestly don’t know what to do with this information. The whole idea of being able to have sex with farm animals while being completely legal, but getting arrested while smoking a joint is beyond anything my brain can process. And I can usually process a lot. So in the hypothetical case of someone getting arrested for smoking some weed while hawmping on ol’ bossy, is just … it’s just beyond comprehension. And pretty damn funny too, if it wasn’t so sad.

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