Weed Week in Review May 14, 2021

Some exciting news in the world this weed week. Two republican members of the House have introduced a bill to remove cannabis from the schedule of restricted substances. Republicans. Really. Scroll down to link to the entire story. Amazing. Astonishing. True.  This is shaping up to be a fascinating year in reversing the dubious prohibition of cannabis from the human pharmacopeia.

Biggest complaint about cannabis growers: The smell

There’s a reason that cannabis in Hebrew is canna bosum, which roughly translates to fragrant flower. That’s exactly what it is. Fragrant. And it will continue to be a problem especially with indroor grow operations because there’s a lot of smell and not a lot of place for it to go other than by a ventiliation fan.

Despite Promise, Minorities Left Out of Illinois’ Billion Dollar Cannabis Industry

Hey Illinois! It’s time to get your act together and make the cannabis industry more inclusive!!!!

Mississippi Cannabis Legalization Hits An Unfortunate Snag

The press association in Mississippi is admitting that they ‘failed’ to publish the proposed law to legalize cannabis. Really? The Press Association is admitting it? There’s something strange about what’s being said here. No getting around it.

Louisiana House overwhelmingly backs bill to allow smokable medical marijuana

Duh. Not atypical at all that the dunderheads in legislatures wouldn’t allow smokable cannabis. Why? I believe it’s because of a lack of understanding of what cannabis is all about, especially medically. The legislators need to get their cannabis education up to snuff and figure out what is real and what is not.

Philadelphia Joins New York City and Nevada in Restricting Pre-Employment Marijuana Tests

Well, here are some laws that makes sense. If the drug is legal, why should it be part of a pre-employment test? A lot of the posturing around this is due to Federal restrictions, but it’s all starting to get kind of silly.

NJ City Seeks to Ban Cannabis Businesses

These idiots are in the New Jersey city of Ship Bottom, not the south. I don’t get it. Part of their reasoning is that it will have a ‘detrimental’ effect on the community. Bull-cookies. What they’re going to lose is both revenue and people who will be going to the nearest dispensary in the nearest town.

Congressional Bill To Federally Legalize Marijuana Filed By Republican Lawmakers

Here’s a new one. Republican lawmakers have filed a bill to remove cannabis from the schedule of controlled  substances. Republicans. Both are from states with some form of ‘legal’ cannabis, but this is beyond anything I ever expected from republicans. Beyond. I can see a political consequence from this that would not be good for President Biden or the democrats. Biden was one of the architects of the draconian laws that passed in the 1990s that had mandatory prison terms and other nasty things in there for people with only a little marijuana in their pocket. If it passes, and that is not a given, and President Biden vetoes the bill, it will not be good for both the democratic party and especially for President Biden.

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