Weed Week in Review May 21, 2021

This weed week contains a big WHEW! Now when you get your COVID-19 vaccination, you don’t have to worry about consuming weed or booze. That’s good. The bad is the hugely limiting law that was passed in Alabama for ‘medical’ marijuana, which mostly you can only get if you’re dying. And even then, you can’t get bud; you can only get tinctures, patches and salves. Talk about dumb. There’s a lot of other good news out there along with some bad.

Marijuana, booze OK after getting COVID-19 shot

WHEW!!! Not that I was worried. Since cannabis has very little in the way of drug interactions, I didn’t expect COVID to be a problem. Alcohol, I wasn’t as confident about, but it appears all is good. So all you non-vaccinated people out there, GET YOUR JABS!!!

America’s most conservative states are embracing medical pot

WOWIE!!! It’s true…almost too true. But these ‘conservative’ states are just trying to protect their borders and get as much revenue in their coffers as possible.

167 million reasons to legalize marijuana in Wisconsin

Those reasons are the $$$ that are filling the coffers of dispensaries in Illinois. And filling the treasury in Illinois. But the republican legislators in Wisconsin seemingly have their collective heads up their collective asses! There are idiots everywhere these days.

Residents Launch Petition Against Nutley’s “No Cannabis Business” Ordinance

Here’s a case of the voters pushing back on the people they elected. Politicians, once elected, seem to have ideas of their own that have nothing to do with the votes they got from the people. There is apparently strong support for cannabis businesses to come to Nutley. The politicians don’t think so. It’ll be interesting to see who wins. Check back in this space as we’ll be following this story.

Ediblocked: Some people can’t get high from eating marijuana, and scientists aren’t sure why

Fascinating. Some people can’t eat their cannabis. We don’t know why either. We don’t know why because cannabis research has been blocked since the late 1930s because of the idiotic prohibition of cannabis until the 20-teens. But now we can find out why!

Alabama governor signs medical marijuana legislation

While I would normally consider this a landmark bill, it’s really not. The bill only allows pills, skin patches and creams, etc., but not smokable product. It’s a half assed measure designed to maybe help a few, since the conditions are also few. Lawmakers can now pat themselves on the back and say; “See what we’ve done!” while they’ve actually done nothing at all other than help a very few people. The law is hypocritical and I’m sure the legislators are toasting themselves with their martinis..

PBR Expands Its Cannabis-Infused Lineup With More Products and More THC

In one of the good stories of the week, even if you don’t want to read the whole thing, a look at the header image says it all. It’s hilarious. I’ve never liked PBR, but the idea of PBR cannabis beer is just cracking me up.

Africa Needs Cannabis to Spark Economic Growth

Yes, Africa does need cannabis. It’s called dagga there and it could be an important economic generator. So why isn’t it legal ye in any country in Africa. Africa is also big. BIG BIG. You can fit all of North and South America into Africa and there would still be room for Asia. It’s amazing big and they need the economic help that can come from cannabis cultivation.

Fearing shortage, New Mexico cannabis businesses push to raise plant limit

New Mexico regulators have put some pretty strict controls on the number of plants growers can produce at any one time. While it’s kind of ridiculous to think that a grower would use their plants for nefarious purposes, the regulators are conditioned by stigma to think that way. With New Mexico coming on-stream for adult use cannabis, probably early next year, there needs to be a robust supply. If there’s not, there’s always Colorado or Arizona, depending on which side of the state you live on.


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