Weed Week in Review May 28,2021

What a long, strange weed week it’s been. First, there’s the story that more people are showing up with cannabis use in drug tests. duh WTF did anyone expect to happen when cannabis becomes legal? Then there’s Texas. Don’t know what to make of that state. The legislature seems to be of a mind to approve medical cannabis, but at what cost. And the big DUH: States are beginning to realize that there’s money to be had from legalizing cannabis. Lots of money. Communities are a bit behind, because local politicians are still living in the 1950s for the most part or so it seems.

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO EVERYONE. Hard to believe this year is moving to being half over.

Positive Marijuana Tests Are Up Among U.S. Workers

This to me is a big duh. What did employers expect to happen when cannabis became legal where their workers live? Do they test for alcohol? No. Do they test for any of the anti-psychotic drugs that many of their workers might be taking? No. This whole thing is becoming part of the hypocrisy of American businesses. On the one hand, you could say if it’s legal, you can’t test. On the other, it’s still illegal under Federal law. That has to change.

DOJ official reiterates stance against marijuana firms in 280E fight

I hated the nasty orange last president. This one is not much better, if at all, when it comes to cannabis. The Biden administration is making no moves at all to mitigate the government’s stance against marijuana. But we have to remember that Biden was an anti-marijuana crusader back in the day. He still is. It’s stupid.

Cannabis Legalization Has Been Lucrative For States

Yet another “DUH” for the week. Of course, cannabis legalization has been lucrative. What else did the states expect? That people would be running around naked in the streets and debauching all over the place??? Or that there would be a HUGE increase in traffic accidents caused by all those stoners driving around? More bank robberies??? None of these things or any negative things has happened. NONE. Zero. De nada. Zip. Why? Because most Americans understood that the government was feeding them crap about cannabis and has been since the mid-1930s.

Texas’ Medical Marijuana Expansion Bill Moves Forward, But Advocates Upset About Changes

Then there’s Texas. What can you say? There is supposedly medical cannabis coming to Texas, but it’s the sorriest medical program in the US. Absolutely abysmal. There are probably a dozen people who will qualify and what they can buy will be very strange indeed. As in no more than 1% THC. Really? All it means is that people will be forced to smoke more to achieve the desired effect. I have to wonder about the sanity of Texans. I guess they’re happy losing millions in tax revenue to Colorado and soon New Mexico. Just beyond stupid. WAY beyond stupid.

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