Weed Week in Review May 7, 2021

Holy Smoke!!! It’s already the 5th month of the year. Just amazing. Where has this year gone? I guess without major upheavals and craziness, that the crazies are there, but more in the background.

Where does the proposed Medical Marijuana bill stand, as the session nears an end?

I had to put this one first because apparently the District Attorneys in Alabama have their collective heads stuck very far up their collective asses. Twenty-three (23) of these idiots wrote a letter to the legislature writing that ‘marijuana is a gateway drug’. Where have these people been living for the past 10 years? What could they actually be thinking? It’s scary that people, and supposedly educated attorneys. could even think this is a true statement. Aren’t DAs supposed to deal with the truth? Apparently not in Alabama.

US Congress Passes Cannabis SAFE Banking Act

OK. Congress didn’t pass the SAFE Banking Act. The House did, and if the Senate passes it, then Congress will have passed it. But until then, this is a huge step toward getting the business of cannabis normalized.

Medical cannabis producer loses license

Yes, you can lose a license if you’re living dangerously. It happened to one producer in New Mexico. This producer (New Mexicann) had been using solvents dangerously and had in fact, started a fire. It’s a fine reason not to use solvent extracted oils. Or any oils for that matter. Stick with sticky bud!

The Endocannabinoid System and Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency

If real, this explains a lot of things.The endocannabinoid system is huge in our bodies, yet we know very little about it. Why? I’ll leave that to you to figure out.

Sunset Blue: The Sedative Strain That Will Help You Unwind

Another day, another strain. This one sounds like it might be a good one for end of day unwinding. Certainly more healthy than a martini although I like those too.

Chuck Schumer’s Marijuana Legalization Plan Has A Joe Biden Problem

Why would anyone thing that President Biden has any interest at all in reviewing the Schedule 1 placement of cannabis. He was, after all, a senator who passed the onerous laws in the 1990s. That was his legislation. He’s certainly not going to back down now. Not in his political best interest, even if it is in the people’s best interest.

25% of Americans Now Consume Cannabis (Up 56% Since 2018)

A bit of a confusing headline. But more and more people are trying cannabis. That’s obvious. And probably a good thing, especially if they don’t consume as much alcohol or nicotine.

Medical marijuana patients protest high prices, low supply in market

The market for cannabis and cannabis products will absolutely have shortfalls and high prices as long as the state regulators continue to treat it as something outside of the normal drug channels like alcohol.

Minority Entrepreneurs Face Uphill Battle To Enter Legal Marijuana Market

Yes, this is true. It’s disgusting and it’s true. We’re not moving away from our systemic racism with cannabis legalization. That’s become clear over the past several years. Yes, there has been some expungement, but not enough. Yes, some states are trying to help minorities into the marketplace. But the big companies, with shareholders to answer to, are playing as if minorities just don’t exist. Well big boys, they do!

Cannabis compound known as Delta-8 sparks debate

We don’t know what we don’t know and we do not know all the compounds in a cannabis plant that can have a psychoactive effect and how the non-psychoactive compounds in the plant affect the psychoactive compounds. There must be a reason that every strain is different and every strain is different when grown by a different grower. Strange plant this cannabis sativa.

Neat idea, Canna Bumps: Thanks for keeping marijuana illegal

This one sort of defies everything I’ve ever known about cannabis. It’s sort of a WTF product because…WTF? Why on earth would you want to snort your weed. Just seems like a way for cocaine lovers to get weed instead of cocaine or is it cocaine in disguise?

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