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Cannabis Comes Closer To Circle K

[Canniseur: If 7-11 is anti-cannabis because of some cultural craziness they have, we’ll have to take our business to Circle K, which to my knowledge is mostly an east coast chain in the U.S., although I’ve seen some popping up in the midwest. 7-11 probably needs to go if they can’t understand that their whole […]


Recreational Cannabis Sales by Month in 2020 vs 2019

[Canniseur: Something is wrong with the numbers here. It’s subtle, but there are some issues between states. As an example, The population of Colorado is around 5.75 million people. The population of Oregon is 4.2 million people. That’s about a 25% difference. When you look at sales between the two states, the difference is less […]


7-Eleven Is Waging War on Medical Cannabis Businesses in Oklahoma

[Canniseur: Japanese-owned (Texas-based) 7-11 has canceled leases for all Cannabis dispensaries in Oklahoma, with very little notice. The corporation is anti-cannabis and harshly pulled the plug for these small businesses. It’s the abrupt canceling of leases and lying about it that’s rankling. If it’s not time to boycott 7-11, it’s certainly time to raise awareness […]


Why Employee Training is Your Key to Financial Success

[Canniseur: Training is key in every industry. Why should cannabis be any different? I worked the corporate training industry for about 20 years and saw first-hand how companies got back 10-20 times their investment, including employee time. If you own a cannabis business and aren’t training your employees, you’re missing out on increased traffic in […]


Cannabis Sales Continue to Soar Through The Pandemic

[Canniseur: It’s not surprising that cannabis sales are up during the time of COVID. And now, in several states, the economy would be helped by the addition of the revenue from legal cannabis. Oklahoma (in spite of the quality issues) seems to be going full-bore into cannabis sales. Now the state needs to get adult-use […]


Oregon Marijuana Sales Spike During Pandemic, But Officials Expect Market To ‘Mellow’

[Canniseur: In all States with legal cannabis, dispensaries have been a shining light during this COVID-19 lockdown. Although economies all over the U.S. are hammered, cannabis is selling more than ever. Oregon is only one State, but I’ve read stories about all the legal states. Will cannabis save the day for the U.S. economy? Interesting […]


How to Grow a New Cannabis Business Amid a Pandemic

[Canniseur: Not to sound cavalier, but the COVID-19 crisis has shaken things up, creating voids. Where there is a business void, there is opportunity. In addition, we need regulators to revisit cannabis regulations and put rules into effect that better support small businesses. Read these business tips on how you can adapt to this fast […]


Pasha Partners with Indiva to Bring High-Quality Artisanal Cannabis to Market

[Canniseur: This is, more or less, a promotional piece. It’s being published because they are taking the concept of ‘quality’ in cannabis to a different business model. If the cannabis is better and has a better effect or a more directed effect, then it’s going to be worth it to see how players in the […]


Marijuana Price Per Pound in 2019 and 2020 (Wholesale)

[Canniseur: It would appear that even in this time of COVID-19 that cannabis prices are more or less stable!!! This is good. No, it’s fantastic. With dispensaries deemed ‘essential’ in every state where medical marijuana is legal, what could be better?]


Oklahoma Sold $61 Million Worth of Medical Pot Last Month Despite Quarantine

[Canniseur: If my one experience with Oklahoma weed is any indicator (and I truly hope it’s not), Okies aren’t very particular about the quality of the product they’re consuming. That’s pretty amazing, given that what I bought was pretty abysmal. Maybe they don’t know what they want. Or the black market has never been good. […]


Easyriders Magazine Seals $30 Million Deal to Sell Bud to Bikers

[Canniseur: Easy Rider is THE biker magazine. Started a year after the movie of the same name, it’s become an iconic magazine for bikers. And now they’re going to sell Easy Rider Weed. For me, this is so cool and so correct. I’m thinking about an Easy Rider joint. Too cool. Just born to be […]


3 Reasons Medical Marijuana Is a Better Long-Term Investment Than Recreational Pot

[Canniseur: Medical cannabis is exactly the same as adult-use (recreational) cannabis. In many states it comes from the same jars, it’s just taxed less than adult-use. But there’s a downside risk to adult-use cannabis and that’s market volatility. Here are a few tips and ideas on why medical cannabis is better for people looking to […]


Cannabis industry experiencing many highs and lows as coronavirus shutdown continues

Editors Note: Here’s one example of how marijuana dispensaries are coping with COVID-19 and still getting medicines to their customers. Original story in The Washington Post http://


France: With no smuggling going on, black market cannabis prices are absolutely wild right now

[Canniseur: Short but important article of what happens in the black market when supplies become scarce. There’s a lesson in here, but one that legislators are not going to pay any attention.] It’s a matter of supply and demand. With coronavirus shutting down the regular pipeline of cannabis into France, where marijuana is not legal, […]


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