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Everything you need to know about Cannabis Growers (But didn’t know what to ask)

The legal cannabis supply chain is complicated and nearly opaque to consumers. The supply chain officially consists of two tiers, cannabis growers and retail. Sometimes the growers are also the retailers, but usually they are separate entities due to state regulations. There’s also a regulatory structure that could be considered the third tier. While you […]


Dry Me, Cure Me – Part 1

Here’s a controversial story. You might want to ask yourself why should drying and curing your favorite flower be controversial in any way, shape or form? After all, it’s just drying and curing. Well. as many great growers as there are out there, there are just as many opinions about how to dry and cure […]


Indica vs. Sativa? – Part 1

The genetic composition of Indica and Sativa are 99.9% the same. They are essentially the same plant with subtle genetic differences that, for our purposes, make all the difference in the world.


From Landrace To Hype: Breeder James Loud On The Future Of Cannabis Genetics

I’ve been working on a story about how we’re over-breeding cannabis and we’re about to lose the best things about the plant. It’s kind of sad that there are so many cultivars of cannabis and we seem to be losing our genetic way with the plant. We might be extinguishing the plants genetics through over […]


5 Cannabis Harvest Tips for a Successful Outdoor Season

A very important story if you’re growing your own. Botrytis is a fungus that works great in the wine business … sometimes … but can totally ruin your cannabis harvest. There are ways to spot it and eliminate it from your plants without the use of chemicals. Read on, dear reader, read on.


How To Prune Your Cannabis Plants

[Canniseur: If you want to grow your own, you need to watch this. It’s just over 4 minutes long and worth your time if you want to grow quality cannabis.l Many plants on Earth benefit from being pruned from time to time. The cannabis plant is certainly one of those plants. Properly pruning cannabis plants […]


Ordering Cannabis Seeds on The Internet – How Does That Work?

[Canniseur: If you’ve decided to grow your own, you’ll need seeds. Those plants don’t grow out of thin air. Besides the strain you’re buying, there really is a lot to know about where your seeds are sourced and how they were made. Here’s a good place to start.] When doing research on how to order […]


Gardening: Cannabis in 7 steps

[Canniseur: Wherever it’s legal (or not) a whole lot of us are staying at home these days of COVID-19. Since you’re home, may as well plant your favorite plant and make some grow your own action! The quality of homegrown can frequently be way better than store bought weed too. Here’s some help and good […]


Tips for Planning Your Spring Cannabis Garden at Home

There’s a lot to consider before making the decision to create and sustain a cannabis garden. Cultivators can never know too much about growing cannabis, so being educated about the process and diligent about the health of the crop will make a world of difference.

We’ve collected some articles designed to help you prepare your home garden for spring. Happy planting!

PHOTO Gracie MalleyREAD: How to Prep Your Home Garden to Grow Cannabis

While cannabis is similar to plenty of other crops that home gardeners might be used to, given that the same key ingredients are soil and light, the cannabis plant still requires some unique expertise. Ahead of the planting season, Cannabis Now spoke with two experts to get their take on how home growers


High Quality Strains for Hobbyist Growers

I asked some of my favorite seed breeders to suggest their best cultivar for home growers. The stipulations were that each was easy to grow, adapted easily to different environments, and most importantly, that it had a distinctive personality. The breeders responded with some great suggestions for quality strains. 

Each cultivar is handsome, above average and potently effective. A garden featuring these selections will provide you with a library of wonderful sensations to fit time, space and mood. A couple of the strains produce high ratios of CBD.

Here’s the list.:

(PHOTO Erik Christiansen / Nugshots) Blueberry Muffin

Parents: The Razz (Razzleberry) x P.P.D (formerly known as Purple Panty Dropper)

Indica/Sativa ratio: 65% – 35% 

Breeder: Nathaniel Pennington 

Seed Company: Humboldt Seed Company

Humboldt Seed Company recommends Blueberry


Video: Veteran Hydroponically Grows 46% THCA Cannabis Strain

[Canniseur: 46% THC??? Holy cow!!! This is a terrific video that shows how this couple is growing hydroponic potent weed. This stuff clocks in at well over 40%!!!! That’s a little high (pun intended) to me, but it’s purportedly really good. 40% THC weed is like drinking a 20% Pinot Noir (since it’s Oregon). Maybe […]


The Good New Days

[Canniseur: The author of this article is a well known long-time grower in … well, if we told you … As a former illegal and now legal grower, she does raise some fascinating points. We usually only remember the good things when looking backward, but there was a lot of bad. Now, former illegal growers […]


Comparable to Organic: How This California Company Aims to Certify Cannabis

[Canniseur: OK, cannabis crop growers who are growing for adult use or medical use cannot put a “USDA Organic” label on their product. Given the Schedule 1 state of cannabis, there’s no reason this company couldn’t set up a list of regulations, get together with other states where medical and/or adult-use is available and make […]


Sonoma County Craft Cannabis Farm Hires French Laundry Alum to Run Cultivation

[Canniseur: WOW! If you’ve ever eaten at or heard of the French Laundry, you’ll know that their dedication to quality … in everything … is supreme. The vegetables from the French Laundry garden are always stellar. If Mr. Keefer can cultivate cannabis with the same attention to quality as he did for the French Laundry, […]


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