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The Real Legalization Problem is — Regulation

Illinois officials have stated they were very happy with 2021 tax revenues of $297 million from legal cannabis sales. Most other states claim they are losing tax revenue to black market (illegal) sales. The black market is holding back the maturation of legal adult consumption. Why does the illegal cannabis market not just survive, but […]


Spain and Portugal: Cannabis on the Iberian Peninsula

The cannabis market on the Iberian Peninsula is alive and well…and getting better, albeit slowly. I just returned from a fabulous trip to Portugal and Spain. It was wonderful to easily find several cannabis shops in both countries. It wasn’t that surprising as I was in Italy a few years ago and found  cannabis shops […]


How State Dispensary Rules Continue the Stigma of Weed

Cannabis has been mired in a miasma of stigma for the past 100 years. In the US, the stigma was created by the government and then embraced and perpetuated by the media beginning in the 1920s. In the 1930s, people who consumed our favorite plant were depicted as depraved, wild and barely in control. Or […]


A Cannabis Advocate Sues New Jersey for…Legalizing Weed!!!

This is not as weird as it sounds. NJWeedman (real name Ed Forchion) is a cannabis activist in New Jersey. He wants to overturn the ballot initiative that legalized marijuana in New Jersey. He wants this bad enough that he has sued New Jersey to overturn the initiative. It’s not for the reasons you think. […]


New Mexico Cannabis Legalization Must Permit Home Growing

Cannabis Legalization in New Mexico

Home growing is a contested issue for legalization in New Mexico. It shouldn’t be an issue at all. Meanwhile, many New Mexicans in the northeastern part of the state are going to Colorado for their cannabis purchases. Soon in the western part of the state, Arizona will be their destination to get their cannabis products. […]


Cannabis Opposition is Still Out There

Cannabis opposition is still hard at work.

Five more states legalized use, but cannabis opposition is working hard, perpetuating lies and filing lawsuits to invalidate many of the initiatives.


Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 Cannabis Ballot Initiatives

This is important. VOTE. Vote for your choice for President. Vote for your choice on cannabis legalization. Whatever. Just vote. VOTE VOTE This handy dandy reference from Rolling Stone will give you not just a heads up on what’s happening in your state if cannabis is on the ballot. And it’s up for adult legalization […]


All the States Should Do This

Fascinating story, even if a bit tongue-in-cheek. The Governor of Colorado asked the Governor of Texas to not legalize cannabis. Why? Because of the amount of revenue that the State of Colorado is getting from out-of-state visitors to the dispensaries. It’s too funny. Now if all the governors of all the states would say this, […]


What Being a Cannabis Regulator Taught Me About Success in the Industry

I’ve been writing about the people who actually the write the regulations for legal cannabis markets over the U.S. and how their regulations can be onerous, vague, and not well thought out. And yet, here’s a ‘regulator’ who seems pretty intelligent and thoughtful about what the regulated market should be. Of course, she left the […]


Michigan Lawmakers Approve Legislation to Automatically Expunge Cannabis-Related Convictions

Here’s yet another article where a very Republican legislature in Michigan along with a Democratic governor have put their heads together with the Democratic minority in the legislature and crafted a bill that expunges marijuana only convictions in the state. This is happening in many other states as well. It’s about time that non-violent convictions […]


Top 9 Arguments in Support of Marijuana Legalization and Regulation

About 2/3 of the U.S. public supports legalization, They have begun to realize what was behind the original suppression of cannabis and then how the war on drugs was very blunt about the racist reasons that cannabis was made illegal. Why are some states still against it? The answer is pretty simple; Rule by the […]


Lancaster County Sheriff Challenges Nebraska Medical Cannabis Initiative in Court

This sort of infuriating story is still sadly, all over the news. These are people who consumed the Kool-Aid that was first mixed in the mid-30s about how cannabis is bad. This is nonsense and it needs to finally stop. Every doom and gloom naysayer since the first legalization of medical cannabis at all in […]


A Response to Governor Wolf’s Call for the Legalization of Recreational Cannabis

As a cannabis consumer, I want to see politics get real around cannabis. That’s not going to happen. Why? Because it’s politics, that’s why. In this time in history, our country’s political bodies and politicians themselves feel the need to posture about everything. Lies, innuendo, whatever it takes to make politicians believe they’re doing the […]


Canada: Illicit Pot Still Dominates After Two Legal Years

[Canniseur: Of course illicit cannabis still dominates. Ham-fisted regulators, no matter what country, just don’t understand their competition. The competition is the illegal market. Do these regulators think they can just wave a magic wand over legal pot and watch the black market disappear? Apparently so.] It’s been nearly two years since Canada became the […]


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