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Army Vet Sentenced to Life in Prison for $30 Worth of Weed Is Officially Free

Image via [Canniseur: At last. At least a little justice. It’s about time. Just over a 1/2 gram got this guy a LIFE sentence. A life sentence. The ludicrousness of our cannabis laws and how they’re enforced, especially against people of color, is kind of stupid. The U.S. should be a better place than this, […]


Israel Steps Closer to Cannabis Legalization

[Canniseur: I know the trumpet is getting loud about legalizing cannabis around the world. The racism of prohibition is beginning to be seen for what it is and was; A systemic and racist stab at control of people. And since Israel is the land of the Bible and cannabis is all over the Bible, all […]


Arizona Will Officially Vote on Adult-Use Weed Legalization in November Election

[Cannisur: I wish the author had done better research. The “Land of Enchantment” is NOT Arizona. It’s Arizona’s neighbor, New Mexico! Whether or not the author got it right, Arizona voting is a big deal. Vote.] On November 3, Arizona voters will have a chance to bring taxed and regulated cannabis sales to the Land […]


Lindsey Graham Could Be Dethroned by Pro-Pot Contender Jaime Harrison

[Cannabis: Lindsay Graham, the sycophant could get beaten by an upstart???  And a Democrat? Wouldn’t that be nice. Perhaps the race for some congressional seats will come down to cannabis, although we doubt it. It could come down to race and this might be an important factor in these contests if everyone who wants to […]


Disabled Veteran Serving 5 Years in Alabama Prison for Medical Cannabis Needs Help

[Canniseur: This makes me see red. Donate to his cause, if you’re able. He needs to be released from prison yesterday. Of course, he was searched and arrested because he was black. No question about his being railroaded into a felony charge. This is a grave injustice and needs our support.] In August 2016, police […]


No study needed: Stoned drivers pose deadly threat

FILE – In this May 25, 2020, file photo, agents Amanda Toma and Ashley Brodeur work with customers outside in the parking lot of cannabis purveyor Berkshire Roots in Pittsfield, Mass. Laws legalizing recreational marijuana may lead to more traffic deaths, two new studies suggest, although questions remain about how they might influence driving habits. […]


The 4 Likeliest States to Legalize Marijuana in November

Though a dozen states have proposed cannabis initiatives, these states have the best chance to “go green” on Election Day. First published in The Motley Fool as: The 4 Likeliest States to Legalize Marijuana in November [Canniseur: States willing to legalize and voters willing to vote on legalization are showing to be two different things. […]


Library Of Congress Highlights Racist News Coverage Used To Justify Criminalizing Marijuana A Century Ago

[Canniseur: The Library of Congress has published long-overdue documentation of the racist news coverage used 80 years ago to justify the criminalization of cannabis. The media was complicit and racist in its printing of stories leading to the eventual ban of marijuana. We know this racist-inspired decision was spearheaded by Harry Anslinger in the 1930s. […]


Bernie Sanders And Cory Booker Talk Racial Injustices Of Marijuana Criminalization At Virtual Town Hall

[Cannabis: Let’s face it and I think we have already. Cannabis was demonized and made illegal in the 1930s precisely to control the African American population. The prohibition was racist. It was NOT based on science. It was based on racist, uninformed, harmful and incomprehensible views about black people. It’s been time to end the […]


Video: How Illinois Is Using Cannabis Revenue to Help Communities

[Canniseur: Illinois is looking for your proposals! $31 million dollars is available for community development programs. Proposal deadline is July 20, 2020. Illinois is doing the right thing…again!]


San Diego Cops Employ New Black Market Raid Strategy: Destroy Entire Pot Shop

Cops and a raid

[Canniseur: This destructive raid seems like police overreach. I can understand a raid, but destroying evidence before a guilty plea, just feels overwhelmingly wrong. Perhaps Chula Vista should legalize recreational cannabis, allowing for regulated purchases. That sounds like a more logical approach than brute force.} Chula Vista doesn’t have any fully licensed cannabis dispensaries, but […]


Florida Marijuana Laws

Florida Cannabis Laws 2020

[Canniseur: Knowing the cannabis laws in your state is pretty important. Florida’s cannabis laws are complex and severe, but have been evolving. If you’re one of the many tourists attracted to Florida, or even if you’re a resident, learn how to stay out of trouble. ] Updated May 2020 Historically Florida has had a strong […]


Legalizing Cannabis Could Bring New Zealand $500 Million In Annual Tax Revenue

Image via [Canniseur: If New Zealand legalizes, this will be a big deal. A very big deal indeed. And this will be decided by the people. The Parliament in En Zed (that’s what Kiwi’s call New Zealand) has promised to enact legal adult use if the population approves the referendum in September!] This September, New […]


New Mexico Governor Says Legalizing Marijuana Would’ve Funded Programs Cut Due To Coronavirus

[Canniseur: Could COVID-19 be the impetus to legalize cannabis? Not just in New Mexico, but in many other states that need revenue. COVID-19 has hurt economies in every one of the States. There is a great need to increase revenue without raising taxes. Cannabis could be an answer, at least partially.] The governor of New […]


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