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Top 8 Reasons 2018 is the Cannabis Legalization Watershed Year

We’ll look back at 2018 as the watershed year, not just in the U.S. but worldwide for cannabis legalization. A watershed year is when so much happens, everything seemed to have hinged on that year moving forward. A tipping point if you will, and that pretty much defines 2018 and all the activity around the […]


Dear Dabby… What’s The Deal with Sungrown Cannabis?

[Editor’s Note: Dear Dabby answers the essential questions everyone has been asking – from Sungrown to why you should know your farmer.] Why do people prefer sungrown cannabis? — Al Natural That’s a good question. I wouldn’t say that everyone prefers outdoor, er, sungrown cannabis. I remember 10 years ago, when indoor weed was all the rage and […]


Why Do I Feel Like a Criminal When I Purchase Cannabis in Colorado?

Adult use of cannabis is legal in Colorado. So why do some dispensaries make me feel like it’s criminal act to purchase weed? On a recent trip to Colorado, I visited four “dispensaries”. Previous to my Colorado trip, I had spent a considerable amount of time in Michigan dispensaries. I’ve never felt like a criminal in […]


Cannabis in Italy. Is it Legal or Not?

My wife and I are just back from a short trip to Milan, Italy. We found the sale of cannabis in Italy to be surprising and curious. While wandering around the streets of Milan, we came across an unexpected sign, “Cannabis”, and in smaller letters underneath, “Amsterdam”. Compelled, we went in. We walked into a […]


5 Reasons to Vote Yes for Proposal 1 – Regulate Marijuana as Alcohol

Proposal 1- Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol

Proposal 1 in Michigan is to “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol”. We are obviously in favor of this initiative, and for many reasons. Michigan voters go to the polls November 6th to elect a Governor, a slate of State and Federal candidates, and have the opportunity to legalize adult-use cannabis in the State of Michigan. Plus, […]


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