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Cannabis Edibles Questions Answered

People have a lot of questions about cannabis edibles. Here are some simple answers, with a little technical background. How much edible cannabis product should I use? If you’re a beginner, you should not take a full dose of whatever kind of edible  you’re trying. Start with a third of a 10 mg gummy, so […]


Book (Comic) Review: “How Do You Smoke a Weed”

OK, it’s not a book report. It’s a comic book report. How Do You Smoke a Weed is a comic for newbies, noobs, about how to consume our favorite plant; WEED!!!! And it’s a darn good one too! Creators How Do You Smoke a Weed was created by Lauren Keller, Lin Visel, and Joseph Bergin […]


Book Review: Beyond Buds, Next Generation: Marijuana Concentrates and Cannabis Infusions

Beyond Buds, Next Generation: Marijuana Concentrates and Cannabis Infusions by Ed Rosenthal and Greg Zeman Every once in a while a book comes along that makes me want to try concentrates. I’m still not sure about infusions though. But I am sure that given the new-found legality of cannabis in many states, there will be […]


Quarantine Shopping List for Cannabis Lovers

If you’re looking for cannabis-related holiday gifts (for friends, family, or for yourself), this quarantine shopping list is worth a look.


Hemp Seeds An Excellent Source Of Omega-3 And Omega-6 Fatty Acids

[Canniseur: I knew hemp seed was healthy, but didn’t know it was heart healthy, I should have known this. Cannabis is a good part of a healthy lifestyle. So the fact that the seeds are part of this isn’t surprising. Not at all.] Hemp seeds are from the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, the same species […]


The Best Strains of All Time?

WOW!!! The best strains of all time? Really? There are a lot of very good strains out in the market right now. Too many, I think to say this is the “Best of all Time” but hey, I could be wrong. I think it’s one person’s opinion that these are the best. They certainly are […]


Top 10 Strains for Yoga

What is your way of unwinding after a stressful day? Some people love mediation practices and resort to yoga sessions for relaxation. Others take cannabis since the plant is famous for its calming and mood-boosting effects. If both cannabis and yoga can help with the stress, how about combining the best from both worlds? That […]


Choosing the Perfect Cannabis Strain for Insomnia and Anxiety

When it comes to picking the perfect strain for your needs, it’s just like picking a fine wine. Anyone who knows a thing or two about wine knows how much goes into the varieties and properties of different grape strains. When choosing the best CBD capsules or other hemp products, knowing the strain can help […]


The Classic Rolling Paper Has Some Friends to Add to Your Stash

[Canniseur: There was a time when the only rolling papers you could get to roll your own were ZigZags. And then, they weren’t usually used to create joints, but rather cigarettes…made from tobacco! Pre-rolled tobacco cigarettes really didn’t get popular until the early 1900s, even though the rolling machine was invented in the 1880s. It […]


The Best Strains of CBD Flower

Not all CBD is created equal. Many types of plants have different varieties, each with their own distinct properties. Plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, and even roses come in several varieties. Cannabis hemp plants act in much the same way. Due to cross-breeding and genetic selection by farmers, hundreds of hemp varieties now exist. The […]


Return of the Skunk

Skunk weed is something from the 80s. Or maybe the 70s. It was good stuff and then it sort of disappeared. The link here isn’t about how to grow skunk weed, but what it is. I’m a bit offended by calling it grandpas weed though. Grandpas weed was not stinky like skunk, nor was it […]


Study Shows Cannabis Consumers Prefer Flower to Concentrates

Apparently, to some cannabis industry wags, this is surprising data. Why? Because concentrates are easy to use and concentrates here means carts although the article doesn’t say what it means by concentrates. Good hash is a concentrate. Good rosin or sugar is a concentrate. Harder to control than flower, but I get it. Flower, if […]


Rolling Papers, Blunt Wraps May Harbor Heavy Metals, Pesticides

This article is telling us that if we roll our own (and I do, thank you!), then we should stick to the established brands of papers that aren’t trying to be fancy. Give me my plain old Zig Zags any day and I’m a happy camper. Take a look if you like to roll your […]


Everything you need to know about the FlowerPot Vaporizer

Canniseur: I’m not a fan of vape cartridges because I don’t know what they actually contain. I am a HUGE fan of vaped flower though. For a while, vaping flower meant having something huge on your table. No more. There are lots of new bands in the market that make whole flower vaping a pocket-sized […]


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