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Breaking Down Shatter: What It Is, How It’s Made, How to Use It and More

[Canniseur: If you consume concentrates, you should know what shatter is and how to use it. This story will explain everything. Enjoy the story, enjoy the shatter!] The world of weed is wide and weird — and to newbies, there is no corner of cannabis culture stranger than that of concentrates. Cannabis concentrates can be […]


Five Companies You Can Feel Good About Supporting This Pride Month

Pride month

[Canniseur: Diving in to the details, it appears all companies listed are also donating money to LGBT-based causes and not just taking the profit off Pride. As an extra bonus, one company, Coolhaus, is actually lesbian owned. We all know plenty of cannabis-based companies still skew towards being led by straight men. It’s nice to […]


What Are Landrace Weed Strains and Why Are They Evolutionary Wonders?

[Canniseur: There is a reason these strains are ‘legendary’. Read Randy’s article to learn why they have been subsumed into many different strains. Understanding landrace weed strain’s history is fascinating.] While most weed smokers describe cannabis strains informally as “indicas,” “sativas,” or “hybrids,” there are two scientific categories that distinguish cannabis in broader terms: “landrace” […]


5 Trusted Medical Marijuana Brands

[Canniseur: We’re all interested in understanding which cannabis brands are reputable and which are less than desirable. While I’m sure there are plenty of other quality brands on the market, here’s a list of globally recognized reputable medical cannabis. These are all extracts.] Ever since recreational cannabis has stolen the stage, people tend to forget […]


The Hottest Edibles Brands in the United States Right Now

[Canniseur: I’m not into edibles very much, except on long international flights. These days, I’m not on those long ocean jumping flights. COVID-19 has changed my travel completely, so I haven’t consumed much in the way of edibles lately. Back then, a 10mg Indica gummy was just the thing to knock me out for 8 […]


Yummy Gummies: The 15 Best CBD Gummy Snacks Available Now

CBD guide

[Canniseur: With all the CBD products on the market, this list will put your mind at ease when making your selection. Select one of these and you’ll know you’re purchasing a quality product.] Gummies are the best way to consume cannabis. They taste good, they’re discreet, and help you live a more relaxed life. Here […]


Review: The XVape Aria Vape

[Canniseur: I want one! Or at least to try it anyway. It sounds like it might be even better than a Pax! I started with a wooden vape and thought it was crude. This is not crude at all!] I remember the first dry herb vape I ever owned. It was a plain, wooden Magic-Flight […]


What Are “Cross Joints” and How Do You Roll Them?

[Canniseur: The first time I ever saw one of these, I just had to try it. It’s a whole lotta weed to inhale at one time! WHEW!!!! It’s an interesting leson in crafting and craft because a good one is very difficult to make! Once you have mastered this, you can probably qualify as a […]


Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies launch with Happy Hour Inspired Flavors

[Canniseur: Wana gummies have been the most consistent edibles I’ve found. The effect seems the same every time. The indica flavor is great for long plane rides and helping sleep with pain. I’ve not been a fan of the ‘sativa’ flavor, mostly because I personally don’t like the effect of edibles. These new products might […]


Check Out Leaked Photos of Nike’s New “Strawberry Cough” Sneakers for 4/20

[Canniseur: Nike, of all companies, is releasing a shoe called “Strawberry Cough” which is, if you’ve spent any time at a dispensary, a cultivar of cannabis!!! Nike. Really. And of course, it’s going to be released on April 20th.] 4/20 is still more than a month away, but Nike is wasting no time prepping for […]


WTF Is Live Sauce and How Do You Make the Premium Cannabis Extract?

Image via [Canniseur: Are these extracts or concentrates? I’d tend to think these are concentrates as I tend to think of the oils you vape as extracts. That said, these are mostly made with water, which I wholeheartedly approve. I just can’t get my head around butane and CO2 extracted uh, extracts. Concentrates can be […]


Vaping Cannabis is Confusing. 4 Things to Know

Vaping Cannabis

Are You Confused about Vaping Cannabis? Vaping cannabis has been all over the news over the last several months. Between vaping extracts, concentrates, and whole flower the terms can be confusing. Dispensaries typically list a long menu of “extracts” and “concentrates”. Many of these products need to be vaped. Did you know whole flower can […]


12 Ways CBD Oil Impacts the Body


[Canniseur: CBD is all the rage. Here’s a short primer on the ways CBD can help your health.] CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the 200 different substances (cannabinoids) that can be extracted from the cannabis plant – the other most common being THC. THC is the cannabinoid that’s responsible for making people feel […]


Michigan Recalls 9,300 Legal THC Vapes Over Vitamin E Additives

[Canniseur: Here’s another reason I don’t like to vape anything other than whole flower. Imagine; Vitamin E oil in legal cartridges. How and why did it get there? Does anyone know what is actually in those cartridges? I don’t. I don’t know what’s in that oil or who made them either. Not knowing is detrimental […]


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