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Choosing the Perfect Cannabis Strain for Insomnia and Anxiety

When it comes to picking the perfect strain for your needs, it’s just like picking a fine wine. Anyone who knows a thing or two about wine knows how much goes into the varieties and properties of different grape strains. When choosing the best CBD capsules or other hemp products, knowing the strain can help […]


CBD Versus CBD with THC: What You Need to Know

[Canniseur: I’ve been at a loss to figure out how we’ve missed the really great aspects of cannabis. One of those aspects (to me at any rate) has been the lack of concentration on CBD and THC in the same plant. They seem to be mutually exclusive, with buzzy THC and not-buzzy CBD never in […]


50 Surprising Benefits Of Cannabis

Cannabis is good for you. Really? The answer is more and more affirmingly YES as we get more results from good research and not just anecdotal evidence that might or might not be an ‘old wives tale’ (an expression we need to get rid of in the English language) or some other ancient pearl of […]


Cannabis Extracts May Extend the Life of Bees Exposed to Pesticides, Research Shows

WOW! Another potentially great use for cannabis. We’ve lost almost 100 years of research because of the racist prohibition of cannabis. Now our societies around the globe are beginning to find through research that there is a wonderful, fairly easy to grow plant that can benefit all of us in innumerable ways. Why am I […]


Cannabis Use Among Seniors Rises in Popularity

Of course cannabis use is up among seniors. It helps mitigate all the aches and pains of getting older and there are aches and pains. Whether it’s arthritis, digestive issues, or many other common ailments that age brings to humans, cannabis can help alleviate those old age symptoms. So toke away seniors Toke away! Read […]


The Secret to Better Cannabis Highs? Eat Your Broccoli (and these other high-enhancing foods)

(Photo by: Anjelika Gretskaia/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) Canniseur: Sometimes it helps to like and/or love veggies. I know I love broccoli and am extremely happy to now know that it can make my high, uh, higher! So if you remember what your mother told you as in; “Eat Your Veggies!” was a good […]


Broad Spectrum CBD for Athletes: The Cannabidiol Effect

In the last few years, broad spectrum CBD burst onto the athletic scene at an astounding rate. A decade ago, products such as CBD salve were rare. You could only buy them in states with legal medical marijuana. Today, hemp is right at everyone’s fingertips and just a few taps away online. As it became […]


Need Another Reason Not to Vape? Your Oral Health is at Risk

(Photo by Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images) [Canniseur: Although this is primarily about nicotine vaping, many of the same caveats apply to cannabis vaping from cartridges. Yet another reason why I don’t like to vape cannabis from a cartridge. If it’s concentrate and you’re spiking, that’s a very different story. You should […]


American Heart Association Says Weed Is Bad for Your Health, Then Calls to Reschedule It

[Canniseur: It would seem that the American Heart Association is making statements without any real scientific research and at the same time saying that cannabis should be removed from Schedule 1. There’s a small(?) disconnect here, but I’m thinking they’ve got a higher concept about what they’re doing.] Earlier this week, the American Heart Association […]


5 Benefits of CBD for Insomnia

[Canniseur: CBD helps if you have insomnia. I know this from experience. It’s also quasi-legal in most states. There are still a few places where you don’t want people to know you’re ingesting CBD leaf, oil, concentrate. It works and works well. Better than many other things you might ingest to help you get the […]


5 Benefits of CBD for Muscle Recovery

[Canniseur: While I believe the information about CBD, the real problem with it is there’s no way to tell if you’re getting real CBD. There are so many fake products in the marketplace now, that it’s truly hard to discern what is what out there. Until cannabis is removed from Schedule 1, there will be […]


Terpenes: What Are They and What Do They Do?

[Canniseur: So much we don’t know. But we’re learning about the nuances of what cannabis is and how it works. Cannabis is a holistic plant. All those cannabinoids and terpenes work together in some way to make a greater whole. Here’s just a little bit of what is going on when you take a puff.] […]


Does CBD Help Anxiety? (The Answer Is Absolutely!)

[Canniseur: Of course it does. CBD, CBG, THC (all of them) and all the other substances in cannabis help with anxiety. Time to get past all of the stigmas and realize that a good part of what we think we know is wrong…well, maybe not us, but much of the population although there are strong […]


CBD and Self-Care During Coronavirus

[Canniseur: It’s becoming evident that some of the compounds found in cannabis, if not a majority of them, are effective at alleviating symptoms of COVID-19. My big question is: why this is not getting attention in mainstream media? And we all probably know the answer. Sanjay Gupta, are you reporting on this?] The self-care industry […]


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