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Cannabis Shows Promise for Helping to Treat Sickle Cell Disease

[Canniseur: Sickle cell anemia, which is really a disease, affects mainly African-Americans. It can be a horribly painful condition and there is no real cure other than a stem cell transplant. This study at least shows promise to ameloriate the pain that comes with this disease.] The condition can result in chronic pain for patients, […]


Video: U.S. Scientists Say Cannabis Could Fight COVID-19

[Canniseur: CBS News says it could be true. Israeli scientists are studying it. There may truly be some benefit to COVID-19 treatment with cannabis. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? “Feeling bad? Do you have COVID-19? Smoke some cannabis!!!!” It’s a possibility.]


Dr. Oz Says the Feds Told Him They’re Onboard for Federal Weed Legalization

Dr Oz

[Canniseur: The first step to resolution is always to first acknowledge the problem. If this is true, thank you to Dr. Oz for illuminating this situation. Maybe this will get the two agencies speaking to each other. Something has to give. We need the Federal Government to get on board for much needed medical cannabis […]


Cannabis with sex can help men access deeper level of intimacy: study – Insider

[Canniseur: This is an important story for all men whether they’re gay, bi, trans, cis, hetero, or whatever.  Here’s information about how cannabis can affect our mental state of intimacy. The subjects in this study were not straight, but still has a lot to teach all men.] Men who consumed cannabis before sex said they […]


Cannabis Users Report Having Less Anxiety and Better Sleep

[Canniseur: This is the 2nd study we’ve published in the last 10 days that shows cannabis users having less anxiety. This one also shows cannabis users as having better sleep. I can second that notion. I sleep better after I’ve smoked and it sure beats other stronger pharmaceutical drugs I’ve taken in the past. YAY […]


Medical Pot Users Are Healthier and Happier Than Those Who Don’t Puff, Study Says

Image via [Canniseur: This seems like a legitimate study, but as the article says…we already knew! This is an important study for several reasons. There’s another study recently published by the American Cancer Society that all alcohol is bad for you. It doesn’t mention cannabis as being bad for you. It’s interesting that I follow […]


New Study Shows Cannabis Use May Be Responsible For Improved Health And Quality of Life

[Canniseur: As a consumer of cannabis for decades, I can honestly and unequivocally say that cannabis has improved my life quality. I’m not a wake and bake kind of consumer, but I do appreciate the quality of life improvements it brings. Other than an increased sense of well being, cannabis does help me sleep, eases […]


Do Highly Potent Marijuana Concentrates Get Users More High? Not Exactly, Study Finds

[Canniseur: This is kind of counter-intuitive. I would think that if I ingested more THC through my lungs, I would get a bigger buzz. Apparently, from this study, this is not the case. So if higher THC levels in my blood don’t mean I’m higher, then what do they mean? This is a good neurobehavioral […]


Where does cannabis’ smell come from? Learn about terpenes

Marijuana grower Sunshine Johnston of Sunboldt Grown smells Skywalker OG terpenes at her farm in Redcrest, California, on Tuesday, May 10, 2016. | Photo: Connor Radnovich [Canniseur: Terrific article about what terpenes are and how they enhance and inform us about the strain we’re smelling. Terpenes are prevalent in many aromas we smell in our […]


CBD Buyer’s Guide: Distillation


[Cannisuer: Learn about the different distillation processes used to make CBD. They say knowledge is power. In this case, the pros and cons of each distillation process is not covered. ] The distillation process that CBD undergoes in order to obtain CBD isolate is often up to a manufacturer’s preferences, and there is not a […]


Semen Laced with THC Detected Among Heavy Cannabis Users, Study Finds

Image via [Canniseur: Sometimes we’ve just got to publish a story that sends us into gales of laughter. This is one of those stories, especially the last sentence. If this is true, does it matter?] A recent study from Harvard Medical School found that trace amounts of THC metabolites were detected in semen samples from […]


The Endocannabinoid System and Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency

The discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the mid-1980s was a major breakthrough in modern medicine. Yet, if you looked at the curriculum for most medical schools, you might not know it. The finding would not have been possible without the help of the cannabis plant, which remains illicit in most countries around the world. After wide-spread legalization of medical cannabis and over three decades of research, knowledge about the endocannabinoid system and its associated pathologies, like clinical endocannabinoid deficiency, remain sorely overlooked.

The Endocannabinoid System: The Find of the Century?

Two decades before the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, a team of scientists led by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, a professor of medical chemistry a the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, had finally isolated the primary


Video: Scientists Believe Cannabis Could Fight Coronavirus

[Canniseur: OK, it’s the New York Post. It is possible that this is true. Possible. Hopefully, they’ll get some real evidence that can be peer-reviewed and make real science. Now if it was regular high THC weed that did the trick and we all had be high to create an effective immunity, that would be […]


Video: Cannabis and the Gut

[Canniseur: Watch this animated video to learn or remember basics about cannabis health benefits. This video takes a balanced view of the potential benefits and harm for using cannabis for your intestinal issues and other health problems. Essentially, we need more research. Lots more research. There is some old and lots of new information in […]


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