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Strain Review – Mowie Wowie

I’ve had Maui Waui before. Many times, but not in the last 15 to 20 years. The original spelling is what I wrote here. Some Maui Waui was purported to be actually grown on the island of Maui. Some was grown in California. But the word is Maui, not Mowie. It’s a large island in […]


White Rhino Cannabis Strain Review

White Rhino Cannabis Review

White Rhino is a new strain to me, but apparently well known in states where I haven’t shopped before. According to Wikileaf, White Rhino has won a lot of second place awards. Second place? Pot Guide says White Rhino is a cross between White Widow (a cross between a Brazilian sativa and a South India […]


Notorious THC – Home Grown Strain Review

Notorious THC is a strain that is sold for home grown cannabis. It was really impressive…for about an hour or so. Reviewed using our 4-20s review method, Notorious THC ultimately suffers from pitfalls that await home grown cannabis.


Strain Review: Diamonds Two Ways – Grapes and Dust

Diamond Grapes (91) has unique fruity qualities and a smooth smoke, while Diamond Dust (81) is earthy and traditionally appealing. Diamond Grapes produced a good 45-minute burst of brainy energy, then settled into a pleasant body buzz, while Diamond Dust produced a relaxing indica-style body experience.


Blue Dream 4-Ways (4 Different Growers, 4 Different States)

This is not a normal strain review. If you’re like me, you’ve got your favorite cultivars of cannabis. One of mine is Blue Dream. It’s uplifting and cerebral at the same time. Like a great wine varietal, Blue Dream strain is similar, but not the same, from one place to another.


9 Best Marijuana Strains of the 2020 Harvest

[Canniseur: I can’t say any more about the year or the strains than the author. So I’m going to leave it at that. Here are 9 terrific strains, whether for 2020 or 2016, it doesn’t matter. What does matter that this has been a turducken year, but not as good as a turducken (are they […]


Cookies n’ Cream – From The Spot, Pueblo, CO

Cookies & Cream Strain Review: Total Score 93 Cookies & Cream sounds like a yummy snack…or meal. Once upon a time, I loved my Oreos and milk. Smooth, unctuous delicious. I used to be able to eat a whole bag of Oreos and drink a quart of milk, but no more. I don’t know if […]


Strain Review – Lazercat Cannabis Live Rosin

This is not an ordinary strain review. If you’ve read my reviews, you’ll know I’m a fan of whole flower consumption. I like flower because it’s holistic. The whole plant might be better than the parts like trichomes, THC, CBD or any other partial use of the plant. I don’t consume vape cartridgess. I have […]


5 Undeniably Grape-Flavored Strains

[Canniseur: For a wine crazy like me, this is terrific. I love wine and all its different flavors, all the places it comes from, all the different things it can be. Why should cannabis be any different? I can’t come up with a reason.] Grape is one of the best cannabis flavors out there. It’s […]


8 Weed Strains for Hiking

[Canniseur: I’m a hiker. I love to hike. Up mountains. Down mountains. I live part-time in a place that has lots of trails and mountains to hike on. Hiking high can be a great pleasure. Here are some strains that make that hike you’re taking even better. Go for it! Hike.] Is it just me, […]


The Best Strains for Arousal, According to Cannabis and Sex Experts

[Canniseur: Gee, I didn’t know getting high made me more aroused too. Yes. I. Did. I love cannabis for this. And this is a good explanation of which strains seem to be the best.] It’s no secret that a dash of weed will spice things up in the bedroom. In recent years, the legal market’s […]


Pura Vida Cultivar Review (Sativa or Indica?)

Pura Vida Cultivar Review

Pura Vida Cultivar Review: Total Score 93 This week’s Pura Vida Cultivar Review is for a purchase I made in Colorado. I got a chance to revisit Cannaco, on the south side of Trinidad, CO. This dispensary always has great products and I try to get there two or three times a year. This time […]


Quarantine Showed Me the Beauty of Indica Strains

[Canniseur: Indica sometimes get short shrift and used only for getting a good night’s sleep. Turns out we need to give Indica a bit more love. This story will tell you why and which strains to give a toke in mid-day.] The hardest thing about being a cannabis journalist is balancing productivity with all the […]


Top 6 Marijuana Strains To Unleash Your Creativity

[Canniseur: OH BOY!!! My personal favorite kind of cannabis are cultivars that make me feel or be more creative. The feel part is probably the most important point. Enjoy these strains!] Editors Note: this is a guest post. Cannabis can be used in countless ways. It relieves stress, chronic pains, and a wide plethora of […]


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