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Top 6 Marijuana Strains To Unleash Your Creativity

[Canniseur: OH BOY!!! My personal favorite kind of cannabis are cultivars that make me feel or be more creative. The feel part is probably the most important point. Enjoy these strains!] Editors Note: this is a guest post. Cannabis can be used in countless ways. It relieves stress, chronic pains, and a wide plethora of […]


Orange Skunk – Cultivar Review (Sativa)

Orange Skunk Cultivar Review

Orange Skunk Cultivar Review: Total Score: 92 This week’s Orange Skunk cultivar review is for a “sativa” purchased at Arborside Compassion in Ann Arbor, MI. The grower is unknown. Arborside Compassion is one of the few medical marijuana provisioning shops in Ann Arbor remaining only as medical, choosing not to get an adult-use license. The […]


Acapulco Gold Cultivar Review (Sativa)

Close-up Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold Cultivar Review: Total Score: 94 For our 2021 New Year Review of 2020 (gone, but not lamented!), I just had to publish this because this cultivar is so good. And it’s a landrace cultivar too!!! If you can find it, get some. But leave a bit for me! I’m just back in Taos […]


What Is “Purple Punch” Weed and Will This Strain Give Your Brain a Wallop?

[Canniseur: Purple Punch! We all need mellow these days. Chilling out with this wonderful sounding strain sounds perfect. Check out your local dispensary to find out for yourself.] Just say the name: Purple Punch. It’s fun. It feels good. The words conjure thoughts of grape drink mix, freezer pops, fruit-infused cocktails, and other colorful cascades […]


What Is “Sueño” Weed and Is It Really the Strain That Dreams Are Made Of?

[Canniseur: Every once in a while a new strain comes along that I’ve just got to try. I don’t know if it’s available outside California, but I’m going to find out! This sounds wonderful; Couch lock with an active and creative mind. WOWIE!] In Spanish, the word sueño usually translates to “dream.” But sueño can […]


The Best Strains to Celebrate Springtime

For the average person, images of sunshine, rainbows, blossoming flowers and lots of green grass usually come to mind whenever it’s springtime. But for people who like to smoke, it’s another excuse to combine to the best of both worlds and indulge in some season-inspired sessions. When it comes to spring smoking, it’s nice to reach for strains that are energizing and uplifting to match the boost in the weather if the sun is out where you live and go for calming strains that help you unwind in the evening to mellow out the hyperactivity of the day.

If you like going on the hunt for strains, keep an eye out for these at your local dispensary the next time you make a trip.


What Is “Black Mamba” Weed and Is the Strain Really as Potent as a Snake Bite?

[Canniseur: This cultivar has a scary name. And I want to try it!. It’s indica, with a great body buzz. It’s also rare. I’ve never seen or tried this strain before, but if it comes from African stock, it’s bound to be good or even better than that!] Context clues in the names of strains […]


What Is “Strawberry Cough” Weed and Does the Strain Actually Taste Like Fruit?

[Canniseur: I’m very famiiliar with Strawberry Cough. And I love it. I’ve consumed it in two different states from (obviously) two different growers. It can be an amazing strain that while it doesn’t have the openness that I am always searching for, it does a great job in the effect. Does it taste like strawberries? […]


How To Review and Judge Cannabis Strains

What makes a cannabis connoisseur? Is it someone who can discern “top shelf” cannabis from “mids?” And if that’s the answer, what sets top-shelf cannabis apart and makes it worthy of that elevated placement?

I’ve been reviewing cannabis for years, but I only recently started judging cannabis competitions and the experience got me thinking about how both approaches can help regular cannabis consumers pick the ideal product for their needs. Yes, taste is subjective, but it is definitely possible to fairly assess the quality of a cannabis product. It just takes a little extra effort, an attention to detail and the right mindset.

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How Writing a Cannabis Strain Review Compares to Judging Cannabis

A review is all about introducing


Oklahoma Medical Cannabis

Oklahoma Medical Cannabis

Oklahoma Medical Cannabis The Medical cannabis program in Oklahoma has become very popular. You can get a medical marijuana card with a variety of ailments. It’s nice to be able to get a medical card for whatever ails you. But, you’ll want to stay away from the cultivars I reviewed below. A Little Oklahoma Medical […]


What Is “Wedding Cake” Weed and What Makes This Strain So Sweet?

Lead photo via [Canniseur: From first hand knowledge I know this to be a wonderful strain. It doesn’t make you sleepy, but you are aware of your body. I didn’t know about the breeder of this cultivar, but I do now. Might have to seek them out.] With weed weddings becoming the new standard for […]


Afghan Kush Cultivar Review (Sativa Hybrid)

Afghan Kush Cultivar Review

Afghan Kush Cultivar Review: Total Score: 92 Afghani Kush is a “sativa hybrid” (according to the dispensary) cultivar. For me, Afghan Kush has wonderful long-ago memories that have nothing to do whether the strain is indica or sativa. Exclusive Provisioning, Ann Arbor, MI is listed on the label as the producer, which in this case […]


What Is Blue Dream, and What Makes the Weed Strain So Popular?

[Canniseur: Blue Dream is one of the best cultivars out there. I’ve had it from four states and depending on the grower, it can vary wildly. But the effect is always a blend of body and mind. Very few cultivars are as constant as Blue Dream although the worst (while still really good) was in […]


WM Strains Madness: Let’s take a look at the Dank Sixteen

[Canniseur: In these days of COVID-19, I’ve been missing my favorite time in sports (unless the Cubs are in the World Series) and that’s March Madness. It’s the one thing the NCAA gets right and I’m having a total Jones for it. Along comes this; Strains Madness! YES! I’ve never had Biscotti, but if it […]


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