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Want to Support Cannabis Businesses Focused on Social Justice? This List is For You.

Canniseur: Social justice is important. Our current attorney general who does not believe there is systemic racism in the U.S. and freely admits that people of color are treated differently than white people. That’s blatant racism, pure and simple. We need to stop being racists. If you must hate people, hate because they’re nasty and […]


Marijuana-Infused Drinks Create Stir in Oklahoma!

[Canniseur: “Give me an Acupulco Gold Slushie please!” While it’s music to my ears and sounds wonderful, but as usual, regulators think they need to get in the game to ‘protect’ the people. As long as the beverages are safe from a food standpoint, what difference does it make if they’ve got THC or alcohol […]


New Mexico Marijuana Legalization Effort Gets Boost From Ouster Of Anti-Reform Senators

[Canniseur: New Mexico has failed to pass legalization twice in the last 15 months or so. The legislators who were responsible for that failure are now gone. They’ve been ousted by voters in their party. Could this make the change and could the legislature now pass legalization? We’ll find out soon enough.] Several key New […]


New Medical Cannabis Bill Pending in North Carolina

[Canniseur: One of the deep south states is finally wising up. Well, Alabama seems to have led the way, but if this passes… North Carolina has a Democratic governor and a HUGE Republican majority legislature from gerrymandering. But there’s hope. 80% of the population wants medical cannabis at least. If it passes, it will be […]


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