A DIY Guide to Bedazzling the Smoke Out of Your Volcano Vaporizer

All photos by the author

[Canniseur: OK, you’ve just dropped some serious coin on a Volcano. It doesn’t matter which version, the buffed stainless cone-shaped sides are pretty plain. Learn from the author’s experience how to make your own version of the volcano.]

Look, I’ll take my weed where I can get it, but smoking out of a Volcano just feels more luxurious. German utility at its finest, there’s a reason why this OG vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is coveted among discerning cannasseurs: it’s efficient as hell and delivers unmatched, clean-as-air pulls from a party-friendly valve balloon. And it has the kind of durability you should expect for something that costs $479 (far too rich for my blood, but certainly a better value than, say, burning $78 joint papers).

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